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Removing Spellbook Spells


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#1 Alec2cool

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 08:03 AM

Hi! I am not a modder or even a decent coder but I sure love BFME 2 ROTWK. I've played it for years along with my younger brother. We rarely play on multiplayer, often playing War of the Ring but real-timing every single battle. Very fun! for us at least.

Anyways, My issue is the spellbooks. It's incredibly annoying to be facing an enemy that has the level 25 spells unlocked (Like the flyby dragon) and just wrecking my carefully constructed defense. I can handle siege and such just fine but a dragon flying by and just demolishing several buildings in seconds is really disheartening. I want to disable this. I've looked through several links on google on how to modify the spellbook and just modifying BFME 2 ROTWK in general with FinalBig in the .ini files.

So, I've gone down to science.ini and set all the SciencePurchasePointCost = 0 as it says 0 means not purchasable. I've even changed the mutliplayer line to 0 as testing it doesn't seem to work. I'm still able to unlock the flyby dragon which means the AI can to

Sorry for the excessive text but, how do I properly disable this? I'm not looking to disable the spellbook entirely as the other abilities are fine but I particularly want to remove all the 25 cost abilities from every faction


#2 Jokuc


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Posted 13 July 2019 - 10:17 AM

Honestly, the 25 power spells shouldn't be an issue if you are good at the game, a normal 1v1 is usually over way before either player get those spells. I bet most of your frustration would be solved if you just didn't play such a campy game. Sitting in base making a huge defense or waiting to make a big army army is rarely the best way to beat your opponent.


Anyway, if you edit the game files you will - as you might suspect - not be able to play with any others that don't have the exact same file. Maybe you just play with your brother but if you want to play online you'll have to back up the original ini.big file. A simpler solution if you are just playing on a few select maps would be to make a copy of those maps and on the copy you disable those spells in Worldbuilder. This way you will still be able to play with others and the spell ban will only be on those specific maps.


But to answer your question on how to remove them from the game completely:


Just go in data\ini\commandset.ini and comment out the last spell for the faction spell store commandsets:

CommandSet IsengardSpellStoreCommandSet
	1 = Command_PurchaseSpellPalantirVision
	2 = Command_PurchaseSpellWarChant
	3 = Command_PurchaseSpellCrebain

	4 = Command_PurchaseSpellWildMenAllies
	5 = Command_PurchaseSpellIsengardTaint
	6 = Command_PurchaseSpellDevastation
	7 = Command_PurchaseSpellIndustry
	8 = Command_PurchaseSpellFueltheFires
	9 = Command_PurchaseSpellFreezingRain
	10 = Command_PurchaseSpellWatcherAlly
	;11 = Command_PurchaseSpellDragonAlly
	;12 = Command_PurchaseSpellDragonStrike

*Note this the set from bfme2, it will look slightly different in rotwk obviously. You might have to edit the file called ##########202_v8.0.0 instead of ini.big if you are playing on rotwk version 2.02.

Edited by Jokuc, 13 July 2019 - 10:21 AM.

#3 Alec2cool

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 07:07 PM

Thanks! I'll give that a shot

I suppose hearing someone's opinion of how you're playing the game is something you have to take along with the help I suppose :p

#4 Super Hippo

Super Hippo
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Posted 24 July 2019 - 12:33 PM

An alternative is to change the “PrerequisiteScienes”. The following example (BFME1, but probably similar) is taken from the science.ini and disables the Balrog. In my mod, I do this for every spellbook summon. This way, the spellbook looks the same, but you can't purchase the ones which are disabled like that. Because similar to you, I dislike summons in general.


In the PrerequisiteSciences line, I write in SCIENCE_GOOD and for all the summons from the good factions, I write in SCIENCE_EVIL. This way they will never be able to purchase them. (Unless you give the upgrade to the player from a WB script or something.)

Science SCIENCE_BalrogAlly
  SciencePurchasePointCost = 20
  SciencePurchasePointCostMP = 20
  IsGrantable = Yes
;  DisplayName = 
;  Description = 

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