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BFME2 Game crashes after start "Exception in exception handler"

bfme2 crash

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#1 Holsp

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Posted 18 August 2019 - 01:09 AM

Hey, so I decided today to download LOTR BFME 2 again (I already had it installed on the SAME COMPUTER and it worked)

So I download it, do all the stuff that is supposed to be done, I find out that Win 10 no longer seems to support SCSI and so I download winCDemu instead and do the new instalation with the new 1.0.9. patch and without actually using mini images. Anyway I do all that and hit run, but there is an error.

Fatal Error : Exception in exception handler

So I start googling, I decided to do so at like 20:00, it´s 3:10 when I amwriting this and so I came for help after 7 hours of finding without a trace of sucess.

So anyway I searched everywhere even contacting one of the authors which video was pinned and an exaple even on how to download it. I reinstalled once again (like fifth time but nothing, again!)

I rewrote the opions at least 15+ times but it never worked, tried both 1.6 and 1.9 and nothing, the person making the tutorial looked too and it just didn´t work. 

Sometimes the game crashed in the small loading box (before fullscreen load)

Sometimes it crashed in the fullscreen loading screen (depending on the options)

I used all types of compatibility modes,

I always used administrator mode,

But now the tricky part,


and one of them is AMD, which from what I heard is bad news, I tried turning them off respectively (AMD or Intel and both) but it just doesen´t work.

I heard some intel series (the 4 thousands) don´t support it which is also my version, also I heard it´s an Nvidia game so AMD doesen´t really work and so I am tired and desperate.

Please if someone can help me then please, I beg you, I am totally defeated! I even bought deamon tools thinking iSCSI is the same thing as SCSI (which I later found out it isn´t so don´t do that) but nothing!


The cards are:

AMD Radeon HD 8690A

Intel® HD Graphics 4600



It´s a 3in1 and from what I found that AMD is maybe specially made for that computer as I can´t find it at thier website.

It worked perfectly with mini images on 1.0.6. but cause of a windows update this is no longer possible.

So yet again, I beg you for your help! I will take any of your wisdoms!

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#2 Jokuc


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Posted 05 September 2019 - 03:21 PM

1. Did you download the game from either gamereplays or the link here on the revora bfme installation guide? If you used another source that could be the issue.

2. Did you get the modified game.dat file to launch the game with? You don't need to mount the game with any software after installing it.

3. Did you set up an Options.ini file?

4. Intel HD Graphics isn't really another dedicated graphics card but rather a gpu integrated in the cpu that can handle simple graphical tasks on your laptop so that it won't consume as much battery. Sometimes these don't run games very well, I haven't heard anything about AMD not being able to run bfme, I used to play bfme on an amd card back in the day but I don't know how it is nowadays. Anyway, make sure that the game is actually using your AMD card when running and not Intel HD Graphics. I don't know how to do this with amd but somewhere in the amd control panel there should be default gpu options. Select bfme in the list and make sure it uses the amd card. Keep the overall default gpu as autodetect, it may consume more battery if you make the dedicated card default for the whole machine.

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