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Fcking Errors

bug error

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 10:03 AM

I installed LOTR BFME 2 
I installed your T3A Launcher
I installed Patch Switcher to Download 1.06 and 1.09

As start, when i only begin to install T3A Launcher, installer wrote about Images 
"Could not write value Debugger to key"
"Software\Microsoft\Image File Execution Options\lotrbfme.exe"
"Software\Microsoft\Image File Execution Options\lotrbfme2.exe"
"Software\Microsoft\Image File Execution Options\lotrbfme2ep1.exe"

Button Retry not help, i pressed Ignore, on all of three
I really ignored this, after i installed Patch Switcher
And ooh, he cant find my LOTR BFME 2, WHYYY, My way to this was C\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\The Battle for Middle-Earth™ II
WHY HE CANT FIND THIS Screenshot_2.png  Screenshot_3.png
But help me with resolution he can 
Please tell me what did i bad? I did all how in instruction

But this not work. 
I cant install 1.06 patch and 1.09, and because i cant Start LOTR BFME 2 from T3A Launcher

I also installed just patch 1.06, but there installer wrote "Missng invaled\ini" F*CK
Please help me.

Sorry for mistakes, i am rus.


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