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[BUG] Improving AI of Rohan & Rivendell

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#1 Silthaz

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 12:53 PM

hey Guys,


im playing update 4.0 since came out. By these 15 days i have seen some small/big diffrences in how AI of Rohan and Rivendell plays, comparing with the other AI factions (and on diffrent levels).


Here are few examples where Rivendell and Rohan where underperformance:


1. After playing around 30 min on the map Lorien Gardens with 7 AI Hard players and me, there were large diffrences with structers and other forttifications in the base (also fortress). AI Rivendell and Rohan had far fewer buildings compared to Isengard and Mordor, even if nobody were attacking all of my allies.


After the time has elapsed Rivendell didnt build even Rivendell Blacksmith. On next map i check that Brutal Rivendell AI build blacksmith at the beginning.





2. The second example is very simillar to first. Also connected with new factions AI and building structures. Rohan is making only 2 farms on Hard difficulty or 3 farms on Brutal. Rivendell has much more on any dificulty. Are existing any limits of gathering buildings or is kind of a bug? We have to remember that less gathering sources and structers are connected with population limit. As a result competing with them is not a big challange.


By far on any map Rohan and Rivendell havent much chances to survive, competing with others AI players. They had the least number of buildings and units.



Is any chance to improve this? 




Theses situations describing well following photos:

Attached Thumbnails

  • Mordor Hard AI after 30 min.jpg
  • Rivendell Hard AI after 30 min.jpg
  • Isengard Hard AI after 30 min.jpg
  • Rivendell structers overall.jpg
  • Rivendell Brutal AI - after around 4 min of the game.jpg
  • Rohan Hard AI - after 20 min.jpg
  • Rohan Brutal Ai - after 10 min.jpg
  • Rohan Brutal AI - at the beginning.jpg

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