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Unable to transfer hero data

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#1 Alpha_Lycanthrope

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Posted 03 September 2019 - 02:56 AM

Started playing Age of the Ring a couple days ago with a friend and we've been loving it. However, the more we've played the moire glitches we've started getting. An all pink screen when finishing the game, tree textures turning all black during a game, and a couple other small random ones. The biggest one though that has recently stopped us playing is when we try and play an online game together and only one of us loads in at 100%, while the other gets stuck in an extra long "Connecting" screen before saying "Unable to transfer hero data". We thought it might just be some hero glitch so we took off all custom heroes but that wasn't it.


We both have very good computers, we're running on Windows 10, have updated our graphics drivers, port forwarded, etc. We've also made sure that we're both running the ROTWK patch 2.02 or whatever along with the 1.06 for BFME 2 and all that jazz. We have no other BFME mods or anything like that. We followed the install instructions and did everything right on that end so it doesn't make sense why these things are randomly happening when it was working fine before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




(Also I somehow posted this topic a few times but can't figure out how to remove the other 2 since I've never used this site, so sorry for the spam)

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#2 W87

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Posted 13 November 2019 - 10:49 AM


i had the exact same problem ("Unable to transfer hero data") when trying to play lan with my friend

since the new 4.0 age of the ring update. We played all earlier age of the ring

versions lan and they dind´t have this problem.


Now i found the solution that worked for us.

This error message only occures when at least one of us has chosen one of the

two new factions (Rohan or Rivendell). And it only "crashes" when the "hero"

is on "random".


If you select in the hero bar "-" the game works and loads perfectly on both computers into the match.


I tested other factions even with custom heroes. Had no such problems. It works as always.


I really hope this post helps you! :thumbsupcool:

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