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Zombie Drummer Troll Bug


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#1 2achtung

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Posted 15 September 2019 - 02:43 PM

So this is an issue I have noticed several times while playing BFME2 on local network, patch 1.09. Sometimes, when playing against Mordor, killing a drummer troll results in the HP going to zero but the troll does not die. Instead it roams around the map flailing its arms, which sounds funny, but it specifically targets player buildings to run towards and slowly reduces the HP of the structure until it is destroyed. It is not recognised by user controlled armies or arrow towers etc and is not affected by power attacks. It then runs onto the next structure etc. This results in early termination of the current game as there is no way to stop this troll unless you can quickly defeat the respective Mordor opponent. It doesn't seem like there are specific conditions required to trigger this 'zombie' troll, except for the high level conditions such as;


- BFME 2

- Playing against a Mordor Brutal

- Patch 1.09

- Local Network


Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this? 

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