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~2 new races and hoping for Thud's AI Oppinion (also a few random mod questions)

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Posted 25 September 2019 - 02:54 AM

I'm currently working on two main mods when I have time, a new version of Legio~Cybernetica (and something else that I've mostly only told Fuggles about so far),
And I'm also planning one to represent a Tyranid faction I saw in Chaper approved once (haven't found the book since I moved and I can't remember the actual name so I'll call them Fodder_Tyranids for now)

---------[2 races with 'unique' AI requirements ? (hoping for thuds opinion on viability |V|)]---------------------

For the new Legio~Cybernetica I decided make them more like their 2nd edition incarnation (using player programmed autonomous robots, something that can work better in an RTS than on the tabletop, (already worked out most of how to implement this via SCAR (just haven't got around to actually doing it all yet)))

a few normal squads (Inducted_Guardsmen, Mech_Lord, Magus_Dominus/Aprenticice, data_smith/tech_priest) but the rest will be automated (via SCAR) so it seems right to have a function to make an AI player assess the situation and 'drop in' 'pre determined programming sections' for it's Robots as the game progresses, (keeping things similar to playing against a human cybernetica player)

Fodder_Tyranids(insert actual name here) are deployed for rapid overwhelming assaults before other Tyranids arrive, greatly surpass normal Tyranid strength, but die of organ and tissue failure a short time after deployment)(overpowered troops which won't last if not used quickly) (long range harvest on reclamation pool to make up for it by recycling the remains at tier 3)

I'm curious what Thud's opinion (and anyone else's) is on the feasibility of effective AI for these two ?

(both seem like they could be problematic and I'm not expecting anyone to do it unless they specifically want to) (I have an idea how to 'cheat a little' with cybernetica's one, and I guess lifespans can be stored for each Fodder_Tyranid squad for setting it's behaviour priorities)))  



Edit: Have cut down earlier part of message and removed most other questions since they were unrelated and also pointless at least without proper context, I write some dumb stuff when I'm tired)


---------------[a few random questions for my various projects |V|]--------------

2. I always guessed a group slave weapon points to the target of a group master, but I'm interested if it has other uses, (I'm using it in the Legio~Cybernetica mod)

5.Does anyone remember a map which wounded specific squad members who touched the water ? (I recall it had something interesting in it's SCAR code I wanted to look at again)
6.Get / Set exact capture percent of a point ? (I'm sure I saw a custom win condition do this once but can't seem to find the appropriate function in SCAR Doc now)


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