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Umbar Faction

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Posted 02 October 2019 - 02:39 AM

Hi, mates, what's up? I guess, since Haradwaith is already planned, that Umbar won't appear as other different faction. Still so, i wanted to share the idea what i had about suggest it as a separated faction from Harad. I was mostly inspired in Ar-Adûnaim's faction from DaC's mod, Lotr's lore & added something from my own too. Then, this is what i've done for Umbar, a naval faction. Anyways, i hope you enjoy reading it:


Umbar Faction:


Azruthor (Black Númenórean Sorcerer)
Dalamyr (Hight Priest of Umbar/Black Mague)
Indûr (Fourth of the Nine, Ringwraith)
Balakhôr, the Scourge (Corsair Admiral)
Câssimir, Lord of Stones (see Haradwaith's Faction)
Berúthiel, The Black Queen (see Haradwaith's Faction)
Burôdapân, Lord of Waves (see Haradwaith's Faction). He would require Shrine of Ossë, Fortress upgrade.


*I may add the heroe's power to Azruthor, Dalamyr, Indûr & Balakhôr, if people would like it.*


Ring Hero, Lvl 10:
Zigurûn, The Great (Umbarean Sauron in black & purple, equipped with Heavy Armor & Two-Handed Longsword made from Obsidian. Each attack will send flying the enemies, killing them).


A Zigur was a númenórean Wizard, Sorcerer or Magician. The Term was related to Saptân, Númenorean Magicians and Seers. The Seers of Arnor were descendants or successors of this Order, as the Wizards of Umbar & the Blood-Ring of Minas Tirith.

The Wizards of Umbar originally were an Order of black númenórean Ziguri, heirs of the ancient magical lore of Númenór.

Sauron´s Name in Adûnaic was "Zigurûn", known also as the Wizard or the Great Lord.

Rank 1
Whispering Death (same attack with different name for Morgul's Blade)

Rank 2
Ultragravity (Dark version from Word of Power)




Fishpond (Fishing Farm) 300

it can be built in the water too. Main resource structure.


Hall of the King's Men - 400
Castamir's Chosen (Heavy Armour. Swordsmen)
Household's Guard (Heavy Armour. Elite Pikemen)
Beruthiel's Rangers (Heavy Armour. Elite Archers. Longbows)


Pirate Lair - 400
Azrazair Raiders (Leather Armor. Can toggle between Swords and Molotovs. Can't get armor upgraded)
Corsair Slayers (Leather Armor. Two-Handed Axes. Mass Slayer. High Stamina. Can't get armor upgraded)
Corsair Blackguards (Elite unit, Heavy Armour, Fast attack. Can toggle between two swords or throw harpoons at range. Harppons gain substantial damage by unit Lvl)


Belegaer Barracks - 550 (Requires Shrine of Ossë, Fortress upgrade)
Rozadan Halberdiers (Breastplates. Halberds. Can make Phalanx Wall of Halberds)
Rozadan  Crossbowmen (Breastplates. Crossbows. Can shot Black Bolts, like Black Arrows. Very effective vs Monsters)
Belegaer Defenders (Heavy Armor, Two-Handed Maces)
Belegaer Swordmasters (Heavy Armor, Elite Unit. Two-Handed Longsword)



Umbarean Stables - 500
Slavemaster Caravan (Chariot). Enemy casualties nearby the Slavemaster Caravan, make able to resell them as enslaved mercenaries, when the Slavemaster Caravan is close to a Black Market. The slave's jail from the Slavemaster Caravan will be emptied nearby a Black Market.


At Lvl 1, the Slavemaster Caravan can imprison one infantry unit (archers or melee units); at Lvl 2, one more unit; at Lvl 3, infantry & cavalry units; at Lvl 4, one more unit & at Lvl 5 can imprison infantry, cavalry & monster units. At Lvl 1 the Slavemaster Caravan has one vagon, gets a second vagon at Lvl 3 & a third vagon at Lvl 5.

Desert Raiders (Light Cavalry, Spearmen)
Naru n'aru Knights (Heavy Armor. Elite Horsemen. Can toggle between swords & spears, in both choices will include a pavise shield. Causes Fear nearby enemy cavalry. Black & Purple Armor.)

Ar-Adûnaim Forge - 600
Lvl 1
War Scorpion (Small & Faster Ballista, but weaker. Medium Range. Model similar to a black scorpion)
Zigurûn Banners (Increase a Lvl to an unit. In buildings increase 10% gained experience nearby friendly units)

Lvl 2
Númenórean Trebuchet (Trebuchet of black wood)
Fire Ammunition

Lvl 3
Obsidian Weapons
Obsidian Plates


Temple of the Shadow - 600

Zigur (Fire-Shadow Warlock)

Basic Ability: Toggle between Staff (Shadow damage) & Molotovs (Fire damage)

Zigur Upgrades:
Shadow Bolt (A fireball with black flames what drains the damage done to units. At lvl 3 Shadow Bolt damage will receive upgraded damage & other at lvl 5, also, at Lvl 5, the fireball turns purple with black flames).
Cost: 400

Lvl 2
Dark Sorcery (All kills done by the Zigur heals him the same amount that the Scavenger does; Passive power.)
Cost: 800

Lvl 3
Fusion with Shadows  (Turns invisible & undetectable for 30s. Can move during this effect. Any attack will make expire the spell. In this form, the Zigur heals himself 10% faster)
Cost: 1000


Exceptions: Only an enemy using Eye of Sauron or the Eye of Zigurûn will reveal the unit in Fusion with Shadows. Other powers or abilities to detect stealth or invisibility won't see nothing more than a normal shadow.

Black Market - 600
Lvl 1
Can recruit 1 captured unit of infantry from other faction (Requires a Slavemaster Caravan)
Units recruited at Black Market of Lvl 1 are sold at +10% from original Cost.
Each unit defeated nearby a Slavemaster Caravan will provide 2 chests in the Black Market at Lvl 1, when the slave's jail is emptied.

Lvl 2
Can recruit 1 captured unit of infantry & cavalry from other faction (Requires a Slavemaster Caravan)
Units recruited at Black Market Lvl 2 have a discount of 5% from original Cost.
Each unit defeated nearby a Slavemaster Caravan will provide 3 chests in the Black Market at Lvl 2, when the slave's jail is emptied.

Lvl 3
Can recruit 1 captured unit of infantry, cavalry & monster from other faction (Requires a Slavemaster Caravan)
Units recruited at Black Market Lvl 3 have a discount of 1/2 from original Cost.
Each unit defeated nearby a Slavemaster Caravan will provide 4 chests in the Black Market at Lvl 3, when the slave's jail is emptied..

Every time that a Slavemaster Caravan comes back with new units to the Black Market, the old selling units will be replaced by the new ones.

Oil Lighthouse (Battle Tower), can be built in water too. Garrisonable.

Each Oil Lighthouse could have one of these Upgrades:
Fire & Blood - 400

Allows the Tower to pour burning oil on nearby enemy units.

Black-Cloud - 300

Reduces armor of hostile units around the tower.

Song of Storms - 500

Nearby enemies will receive a lightning bolt each 25s.

Drowned Laments - 500

The lost soul of a drowned ghost is linked to the tower, causing to enemy units, who come nearby, to flee in terror, like the Gate Watchers work.

Eye of Zigurûn - 1000

Little version from Sauron's Eye around a tower. When it's activated, reveals stealth & paralyze nearby units for 10s. The Eye of Zigurûn can be selected and moved 550 yds around its tower (only one tower can have this upgrade in the faction). It has Sauron's Eye half cooldown.


Wall-Hub - 200

Not walkable.


Wall Hub - 120
Gate - 300

Zigurûn Banners - 350
Guard Lighthouse (Wall Tower) - 400

Postern Gate - 500

Númenórean Trebuchet - 800


Dark Citadel (Fortress) - 5000


Umbarean Builder - 500

Dark Crystal: Can absorb Fire or Dark Flames.

Fortress Upgrades:

Flames of Darkness - 500
Provides additional experience to nearby troops;
Reduces hero cost and recruit time by 10%;
Reduces the cost of builders by 20%.

Water Moat - 1000
Decreases melee vulnerability of the fortress. Allows to navigate it.

Flaming Munitions - 1500
Equips citadel ships with fire arrows. Allows to build Corsair Bombardment Ship in the citadel.

Shrine of Ossë - 1500
Reduces damage of hostile units around the fortress. Unlocks Burôdapân & Belegaer Barracks.

Tempest Sorcery - 1000
Increases fortress armor. Prerequisite for the King's Men Sanctum.

King's Men Sanctum - 2500
Requires the Tempest Sorcery upgrade; Allows the fortress to launch a Big Wave.

Big Wave: Similar to the original Flood's from the Elves, but this one would have a cone effect.

Fortress Expansions:
Corsair Hellburner (Umbarean version from Mordor's Doom Ship). Can navigate in the Water Moat.
Corsair Black Ship (Arrow Ship, like Arrow Fortress Tower). Can navigate in the Water Moat.
Corsair Bombardment Ship (Catapult Ship, like Catapult Fortress Tower, very long range); Requires the Flaming Munitions upgrade. Can navigate in the Water Moat.


Only can be built in the Dark Citadel the Corsair Bombardment Ship. In a Shipwright you could build an Umbarean Transports, Corsair Hellburners & Corsair Black Ships.



Tier 1:
Ghost Ship:
This power deals a +50% damage in a medium area & makes the enemies flee away in terror for 10s.
Black Númenórean Horn:
This power gives targeted allies a +50% damage & +50% armour.
All kills earn extra resources; Passive power.


Scavenger is the secoundary main resource from Umbar, bc the Umbarean armies are based in sacking & raiding, so, it's a power what must to have as basic tier.

 Tier 2:
Summon Azrazair Raiders:
Summon 3 battalions of Azrazair Raiders.
Same destructive effect & duration that Whirlwind of Lvl 1. Waterspout can be casted in land & water.
Dark Void:
Sucks the enemies in a targeted area dealing 35% of damage, spitting them out & knocking down after that.


This power is inspired when Thráin is devoured by the shadow in Dol Guldur.

Tier 3:
Wrecking Rain:
Stops the production rate of all enemy buildings of resources during 30s. Can be countered with Cloud Break, Durin's Day, First Light of the Fifth Day, Blessing of Ulmo & Western Winds.
Summon Ring-Wraiths

Summon Adûnaphel & Indûr (The Fourth & the Seventh of the Nazgûl) in Fell Beasts for 45s.


Cursed Treasure:
The wreckage of a legendary treasure appears in a targeted area, giving you enough chests to get a total of 5000 resources, when looted it. Whoever loots the treasure, will be permanently cursed, being transformed into Sea-Wights, controlled by the player who looted it. Greed is a blade with double edge.


The Sea-Wights have the same stats & characteristics that Angmar's Wights, but, these ones can cross water & attack naval units too.

Tier 4:
Summon The Terror from the Depths:
Summons a bigger version from the Isengard Watcher. Can be summoned in water too.
Keep your own troops away from its tentacles, as he will strike anything within its reach.
Twilight Flare:
Creates a twilight flare that will scorch the battlefield in dark flames. Dark Flames only can be extinguished by a Umbarean or Rhûnic Builders.

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