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[bug] 4.0 Lothlórien, Ents

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#1 LittleCritter

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Posted 20 October 2019 - 04:58 PM

Faction: Lothlórien.

Map: I remember playing some maps with water zones, like Mordor or Esgaroth & have Ents burning in rivers or walking in the waves from the shores, where you should be able to extinguish the fire from them.


I mean, when a flamming projectile burns an Ent, you lose his control as if he was already done, no matter how much hp has. The Ents only should flee away in fear when they were practically dead. If that's not a bug, then, when you attack with fire ammunition any siege weapon, they should burn too, bc the siege weapons are made with wood & driven by living creatures, but it doesn't happen, also, you can keep controlling your siege weapon, still taking fire damage as if nothing happens.

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