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My Custodes Wishing List

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Project Bealtway
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Posted 22 October 2019 - 12:04 AM

Hey guys! Sorry to bother really, but i'm here to propose an idea for the upcoming warhammer 40k mod about the "Legio Custodes".

The idea is simple in words, but not that much in coding.

My idea is creating and modeling, a special kind of turret, separated from the basic one the faction would have normally deployable.


A turret made from scratch, for the best defenders in the 40k universe, i didn't really gave it a name, but let's call it "Throne Shrine" turret, now, why is it so special?

Well, first thing, this turret is unlocked only as a deployable via drop pod turret at the 4th level of technology of the custodes tech tree, and it is bulkier, beefier, so, more hp, a bit larger, but the solid part is that it has heavy weapons and equipment, equal to a Land Raider, Missiles, Twin Linked Lascannons, Heavy Bolters, even Flamers that make a ring of fire around them when the enemy is nearby.

All of this at his cost, an high cost of requisition and energy, high waiting times to deploy the next turret, like 3 - 4 minutes if not even more, and the cherry on the cake, it costs Reliq point, not a large amount, but enough to make it so that you can buy like 5 or 6 of them, then you have to stop if you want to create even a normal reliq unit.

I'm not talking to give them the power to take down a titan, but to deal alone or in pairs with relic units of medium - high level, at least when there is only one, if there are two the turret is screwed at that point.

For the master defenders of the universe, there is the master turret of the universe.

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