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Rhûn & Easterling Lore

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Posted 02 November 2019 - 03:49 PM

Hello, people of Revora!


Today, I have decided to gather all of the lore I know about Rhûn and the Easterlings into a new Revora Forums topic.


So, here is what I know, starting with the Land of Rhûn

  1. Rhûn is mostly a flat land of forests and plains, according to Chapter 10 of the Fellowship of the Ring.
  2. Across the entire Lord of the Rings book trilogy, Rhûn has inland bodies of seawater like the Sea of Rhûn.
  3. In The Silmarillion, it is noted that the Red Mountains run like a spine down the land of Rhûn.
  4. Bilbo Baggins mentions in The Hobbit book that there is a "Last Desert" east of the Red Mountains.

Next, here is what I know about Life in Rhûn.

  1. Kine of Araw are huge white bulls living around the Sea of Rhûn, which we learn in the Return of the King book.
  2. Even though I haven't read Adventures of Tom Bombadil personally, I learned that this book says Rhûn is filled with "man-eating felines". In real life, this typically means Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, and Cougars.
  3. Were-worms in Rhûn are almost nothing like the Were-worms in the 3rd Hobbit movie. Instead, they are basically Tartar Sand Boas in that epic size. And as The Hobbit book notes, they live in the "Last Desert".

Lastly, we get to talk about the Easterlings.

  1. While the Easterlings in the movies have bronze armor and steel weapons in the Lord of the Rings movies, the Easterlings in the books use iron for both armor and weapons, according to the Third Age chapter of The Silmarillion.
  2. Easterling architecture was made fully out of stone, according to the same chapter of the same book, from their walls to their houses to their other buildings, too.
  3. Chapter 10 of Fellowship of the Ring also describes Easterling armies as "swordsmen, spearmen, bowmen upon horses, chariots of chieftains and laden wains."
  4. The Battle of Pelennor Field chapter of Return of the King mentions "Easterlings with Axes", meaning that Easterling armies also contain axemen.
  5. Also, in the same chapter, it says "the Easterlings were strong and war-hardened and asked no quarter", meaning they're the only Army of Mordor that relentlessly fights to the death instead of fleeing.
  6. Oh, and not to mention: their master is Sauron's 2nd deadliest minion, a Nazgûl named Khamûl the Black Easterling.
  7. Lastly, the deeds they did to earn fame consist of breaking Gondor's Line of Kings, trying and failing to wipe away Rohan at least twice in just the first half of Rohan's history, and being Sauron's armies for the War in the North; all according to the appendices in the back of the Return of the King book.


So, here's all of the Easterling lore in Tolkien's works, all in one place. That's all for today!



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