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[BUG] Rivendell unit respawn glitch

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#1 TinyTark

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Posted 26 November 2019 - 04:50 PM

I've noticed an issue that only seems to happen on Rivendell where if you have two units merged into one (Seemingly Guardsman and Glaivesmen) I think it's when respawning goes wrong in the unit, they will get some units that are a part of the unit, but when you select them it will select the group and not that individual, it's hard to explain but it is treated like a civilian but it isn't a civilian unit and doesn't move even if you move the unit it belongs to. I think the unit does still replenish after a while but these unselectable units take up command points and for Imladris their Elves already take up a fair amount of CP.


The map it was on is Anduin River* but it has happened on other maps also.


The mouse is not visible for some reason so I have highlighted where the mouse is (Image 2 I moved the mouse off after selecting the unit so the healthbar is not there as if it was selected)
Image 1 Unselected - https://gyazo.com/9e...3f410982b3b7532

Image 1 Selected- https://gyazo.com/0c...8a500a7ac688f0c

Image 2 - https://gyazo.com/6a...fa303abec1fc58a


I am unsure if they are the same unit since it was just a game where I was messing around with a friend, but this isn't just a one-off since it has happened in the past but I never reported anything.

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