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#1 Thranduil_King

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Posted 01 December 2019 - 05:15 AM

hello guys, when i play with my ally or against misty mountains, CPU never make a fortress, it put just a mine in the center

if i build walls with rohan faction, catapults also count command points for every catapult.

Another thing is... the map shows territories that have fortress, like Erebor, Isengard, it’s ok, but, Gundabad shows a fortress and it hasn’t one, i don’t remember if Lothlorien (Caras Galathon) also has this problem, or maybe it’s for the future, put hese fortress?

Always at the beginning, erebor and isengard have elite warriors, so powerfull for the first combats and this it could not be

Theoden doesn’t make the complete “3 power“ of him, i mean, hama and the other captain of rohan doesn’t apparece, Theoden only just cure

If i play with mordor, i can make for every territory 3 black numenoreans riders, not just 1 or 3 for all the game

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