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Anyone else notice how Combat is kinda broken in C3?

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#1 Samz

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Posted 08 December 2019 - 11:05 PM

Medkits are used automatically and can glitch out.


All weapons have reduced range to the point where the sapper/Green Beret with an LMG can be outshot by an officer with a handgun.


The MP40 will ocasionally bug out and fail to hit anyone (Both your Commandos and the enemy)


Your attack range is short even with a rifle/Assault Rifle, it gets larger when you're already firing in cover mode but that's not helpful if you're getting shot from a distance.



It just seems like fake difficulty compared to BEL/BTCOD/C2 where if you were prone you could attack the enemy at roughly the same time and it doesn't seem to mix well with the much more combat oriented missions. (Like Stalingrad or Prevent bomb deployement.)


Just keeping the attack range to C2's values would have massively improved C3 and tone down the trial and error aspect.


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