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Tilkal Mod for RotWK

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Posted 12 December 2019 - 01:38 AM

I have been working on a mod plan, the objective of this is to make the six factions (bfme 2) as unique as possible by recycling everything I can from the vanilla. Although this has led to the planned elimination of many heroes (or abilities), units, structures and powers.
Currently I don't know anything about modding, so my next step is to learn everything I can and develop the mod, which should be easy
I publish the plan with the aim of obtaining help: tutorials recommendations, predisposition of modders to lend me assets / code/ artwork in case I need them, criticisms regarding what I have planned to do (I hope they are not misinterpretations because of my English) and especially suggestions since I am creatively exhausted from thinking unique things
In advance I thank whoever has systematized the icons in gamereplays since they allowed me to organize and represent my ideas (also I took some palantir icons from AotR and Stokstaartje95),  notice that although I made many readings of the Edain and AotR projects, some few ideas that will be implemented by me was before discovering that they had already done (eg Gimli Axemaster)
If you like my ideas of this project, be free to use them in any project you want
pdf link

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