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Red Alert 3 Failed Connection

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#1 Cosmic_Candi

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Posted 29 December 2019 - 01:06 PM

Hi all I am aware of the volume of posts on this issue and I promise I've read them all and tried everything I can, here is what I've done...


I set up DMZ (Though I am running on a 3G router so standard Port forwarding and port triggering does not work so I do not know if this will work either)


I have allowed it through my firewall


and I've ran the connection debugger


(See files for screenshot proof)


and got the following issue in the %TEMP% file


----- C&C:Online Launcher Start -----
Game: Red Alert 3
Red Alert 3 Install Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert 3\Red Alert 3\
Started game with: ""Red Alert 3\RA3.exe""
Caught CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT from Red Alert 3. Detaching...
Found game.dat process. PID 12420
*** Starting CA public key patching routine ***
CA public key is expected value.
Successfully patched CA public key.
*** Starting hostname hooking routine ***
Injecting DLL into game.dat process...
Result of injection: Code -1073741582

I also have definately hooked correcly I am running RA3 in XP compatibilty mode pack 2 and am default running cnc online as admin

This is on windows 10 and despite all of this I still cannot get into game always getting connection failed 1-2. My best guess is its my router but as I am a student I am not able to afford broadband and have to use 3G is there anything I have not tried? These issues have been happening from about 1 am to 3 am GMT and 12:30 pm GMT on 29/12/2019


I massively appreicate the help thank you very much.


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#2 Muddog007

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Posted 31 December 2019 - 12:28 AM

Hi Cosmic,

I've had a similar issue when attempting to play Co-op online.


Could you confirm which screen you would see your connection failure on?


Was it at startup, when signing into the multiplayer server, or joining a game?


Kind regards,


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#3 Cosmic_Candi

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Posted 31 December 2019 - 02:14 AM



The second screenshot has the connection failure from the debugger


I get the issue whenever I join a game and I or the host attempt to start the game in which the host will see that I have a failed connection.


I hope this helps!

Thanks so much,


#4 Faiths180

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Posted 05 January 2020 - 07:24 PM



I seems to have the same problem with startup of the game, same "Result of injection - Code: -1073741582" in the CNCOnline_Log file, i installed C&C Online and i installed Patch for RA3 and after that it won't start up throu C&C Online launcher or throu Origin, it comes up with message about game can't start due to connecton problem with licenseserver, check your internetconnetion and try again in couple of minutes.


I hope someone has a solution for this problem, i want to play online with my son, my nephew and possible my brother.   

#5 yozhura06

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Posted 06 January 2020 - 01:23 AM

hola tener problema para conectarme a online alguien que me pueda a ayudan por favor

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