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Posted Yesterday, 08:48 AM


I decided to take a break from writing the main story, and make some unit cameos, this time I decided to make all of the Stolen Tech units for the Boneyard, when it infiltrates another faction, and itself.


attachicon.gif StolenTechCameos.png


I may use one or two of these in the finale of one of the acts for the Boneyard. Since it'd be pretty cool to see a Dragon or Nightmare show up in the heat of battle to turn the tide,


Chrono Tank - Infiltrate an Allied MCV and Tech Lab (as the Boneyard)

Mammoth Tank - Infiltrate a Soviet MCV and Tech Lab (as the Boneyard)

Dragon - Infiltrate an Epsilon MCV and Tech Lab (as the Boneyard)

Sinwalker - Infiltrate a Foehn MCV and Tech Lab (as the Boneyard)

Nightmare - Infiltrate a Boneyard MCV and Tech Lab (as the Boneyard)


The Chrono Tank is pioneered from allied ingenuity and the GRA's willingness to not let an idea die. It proves to be a swift pain in the ass to fight, since it can warp out of danger in the blink of an eye.


The Mammoth Tank is a monstrosity created from the ramparts of the Apocalypse Tank design and a Mammoth, it proves to be the Warceratops's big brother on the battlefield.


The Dragon is a fire breathing hell-razing hell-spawn created using Epsilon bio-engineering techniques to stitch together a dinosaur made from other dinosaurs. It lives up to the mythology of dragons, as it razes hell on the ground, and in the skies alike. Being excellent at disposing of infantry in seconds.


The Sinwalker is a bi-pedal walker pioneered from the logic of Foehn design, following the same principles employed by Foehn engineers, especially when designing the Cyclops and Megalodon. It serves as a robotic death unit that seeks nothing more than the demise of its enemies, as it also contains a fragment of the GRA's hatred towards the enemies of the Boneyard. Since it is rumored that Sinwalkers are merely just the avatars of the GRA's emotions on the battlefield. It brings a flamethrower and anti-air nanotechnology to the battlefield. The latter being a first for the Boneyard's forces.


The Nightmare was and always will be known as a horrifying accident, modeled after the Wendigo of native american mythology, it proves to live up to the title of being a hungering killing machine. In which after every kill, it regains a portion of its healthpoints, making it horrifying on the battlefield, and absolutely demoralizing to the morale of literally everyone. The GRA claims to never have made this beast, but despite these claims, it exists. Psionics and other non-conventional weapons do not harm it, as it contains an immune system that manages to fight off even a virus miraculously.



Yeah I got bored and decided to write these few knick-knacks into existence. A little bit of side-fanfiction for fanfiction.


For some reason the image didn't upload with the previous post.


attachicon.gif StolenTechCameos.png

 I am both utterly terrified and extremely excited.



My brain is a literal endless void of randomly assorted ideas that would make a smashing RTS game. Just a little inspiration and away it goes!


Also give it up for page 2!

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