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New Race mod: The Amalgamator


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Posted 22 March 2020 - 08:03 PM

I present you: Amalgamator
Download link: http://www.mediafire...lstorm.zip/file


- The Amalgamator is a "brand" new race mod that is made by picking and combining other unit from 9 vanilla race.The idea stem from shower thought:"What if the Imperium Guard Commander Squad is comprise of all commander from 9 vanilla race".One thing lead to another and 2 year later this mod exist.

The current state of this mod:
+ Completed and finalize tech, unit, squad, research, add-on building and abilities and sensible Localization so you can play the race going blind
+ Two branch to choose from (Infantry or Commander) on later tier (Commander or Vehicle).

+ 9 viable Infantry Squad along with 4 Commander squad,allow from some interesting mix and mash
- Currently missing AI, some animation
Does contain some UI bug, some unintended bug.Localization could be not very 
grammatically correct


What should we know about this mod:
Expect a lot of unorthodox idea being throw in this mix of bag.This mod is also not lore correct since the heresy and fuckery in it is off the chart.Do expect your familiar unit being use in bent and twisted way (though not too much)

If this 
pique your interest,do give it a few play test and sent me feedback.I am determined to see this mod complete 100%






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