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basic moding help

bfme moding rotwk

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#1 zonyed

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Posted 08 May 2020 - 11:12 PM

Hi im new to moding so i have 0 experience on this and have werry little programing experience atm so im trying to change some basic stuff in the game like trying to add more health to walls in game and i dont realy understand to what folder to go to to change these atributes and how to change them and do i have to change them in multiple folders for it to work? for example i extracted my ini file went to gamedata and tried to edit >> #define DWARVEN_WALLHUB_SMALL_HEALTH 3000 to 6000 will this actualy change the hp or not? tried to do this for multiple buildings and when i went back into the game when i checked the hp it showed the same number is this conected whit the animation that that bulding has add to show 3000hp even if i change it to 6000? and one more thing i was adding some mode files to my game and now my catapults etc that i add to the wall dont actualy get the upgrades i make on fortres so if i add fireball it doesnt actauly work it only adds it to the catapults directly conected to fortres can this be solved somehow? ty for any help on this topic



    El Shaddai

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Posted 09 May 2020 - 09:24 PM

you should set up the mod with a basic -Mod folder


basically you have a folder named MOD on your desktop

put in the INI file contents , you get this by extracting All , from INI.Big fro the game , you will need FinalBig program for this


Then create a shortcut file , with this property , your user name will be different 



Target :  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth ™ II\lotrbfme2.exe" -mod "C:\Users\juslo\Desktop\MOD"


If all is well , you can make a change and it should show 


BTW , i would recommend editing amour.ini instead , as health values  files are alot


PS do not edit  or even use gamedata.ini , you have to edit the files outside  that use the values 


Just keep testing stuff until it works , your in for a nice ride , make backups along the way , so you can always revert if a code breaks the game 

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