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Fortress Lamedon Highlands: Bugs & Observation

bug skirmish

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Posted 28 May 2020 - 02:20 AM

Map: Fortress Lamedon Highlands
Faction: Rohan


Bug 1: Map displays opponents positions and factions on load screen even when not assigned in lobby (really hoping this is a bug and not an AOTR "feature"). See screen shots.


Bug 2: Two sections of the north east fortress wall below to opposing players. See screen shot


Bug 3: Rohan citadels are not re-buildable after being destroyed (repair button is missing). See screen shot

Bug 4: Ramparts are build empty. No siege of any kind (I've observed this for all  factions except Gondor). See screen shot


Bug 5: When the citadel is destroyed, farms and barracks are unable to be constructed. Build percentage remains at 0%. See screen shot


Bug 6: Noldor Specter (elf-type) will chase units well beyond the radius of the barrow radius. See screen shot.


Observation: Rivendell faction. When Elves destroy a citadel a "man" voice over says "we've destroyed them". Not sure if it's worth an "Elven voice over"

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  • No_Selections.jpg
  • Wall_Belongs_To_Opposing_Player.jpg
  • No_Repair_Rohan_Citadel.jpg
  • Empty_Rampart.jpg
  • Unable_Rebuild_Farms_Barracks.jpg
  • Noldor_Specter_Pursuit.jpg

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