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Daemons *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 14 June 2020 - 12:54 AM

Unscripted / Completed (see next messages) / Voicing / Voiced

Proposed List




Daemon Prince - Undivided
Daemon Prince - Nurgle
Daemon Prince - Slaanesh
Daemon Prince - Tzeentch
Daemon Prince - Khorne



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Posted 14 June 2020 - 12:54 AM


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Posted 14 June 2020 - 12:55 AM


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Posted 14 June 2020 - 12:56 AM



Voice should be ferocious, brutal and battle-hungry.

Written By: Battelkrusr
Unit_Complete1: I am the will of Chaos manifest.
Unit_Complete2: Khorne demands this battlefield be turned red. [pronounced "Corn"]
Unit_Complete3: I bring the gifts of Nurgle's garden. [pronounced "Nur-ghoul's"]
Unit_Complete4: Tzeentch has plans for this place. Many plans... [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Unit_Complete5: Slaanesh wishes this place be blessed, and I shall. [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
Unit_Complete6: Let the children of the warp rally to me.
Unit_Complete7: Forget reality. Embrace the chaos.
Selection1: Begin Slaanesh's celebrations!
Selection2: Nurgle's virulent will!
Selection3: Tzeentch's many glories!
Selection4: Khorne's endless slaughter!
Selection5: In the name of the eight-pointed star.
Selection6: The gifts of the warp are many.
Selection7: Exalted by the Dark Gods!
Selection8: I am their will!
Selection9: Bask with me in their glory.
Move1: Let Khorne's fury guide my path.
Move2: If the Changer Of Ways wills it.
Move3: To spread Nurgle's love.
Move4: Dance to Slaanesh's tunes.
Move5: The will of the dark gods guides me.
Move6: Let Slaanesh's desires guide my steps.
Move7: May Tzeentch's plans favor me.
Move8: As was foreseen.
Move9: I shall do as the dark gods demand.
Attack1: Witness Slaanesh's perversion!
Attack2: Bow to Tzeentch's Will!
Attack3: I strike you down in the name of Khorne!
Attack4: Receive the gifts of Nurgle!
Attack5: You are nothing before the Dark Gods.
Attack6: Chaos demands your end.
Attack7: Your fate is made certain.
Attack8: Forward unto slaughter.
Attack9: I can show you things worse than death.
Capture1: Smash it in Khorne's name!
Capture2: Defile it in Slaneesh's name!
Capture3: Bless it in Nurgle's name!
Capped1: A flower for Nurgle's Garden.
Capped2: A gear in Tzeentch's machinations.
Capped3: A stage for Slaanesh's performances.
Join1: By my side, cur! [said very condescendingly]
Join2: Fall subservient to my wishes, worm!
Join3: Fools! I am your master now!
Detach1: Be gone from my sight!
Detach2: Bah! Your usefulness to me is over!
Detach3: You amuse me no longer!
Load_Transport1: You shall be my chariot.
Load_Transport2: You will carry the will of chaos.
Unload_Transport1: Rejoice, mortal creatures.
Unload_Transport2: My journey comes to an end... as does yours.
Morale_Break1: Tzeentch's boon is fickle...
Morale_Break2: Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows!
Morale_Break3: The warp forsakes me!
Morale_Restored1: Nurgle's peace...
Morale_Restored2: Tzeentch, guide my mind.
Morale_Restored3: Khorne's fury can not be quenched!
Charge1: For carnage!
Charge2: Into the massacre!
Charge3: Behold the bloodbath before us!
Charge4: Slay every last one of them!
Charge5: The butcher comes for you!
Charge6: *animalistic growling*
Charge7: *animalistic howling*
Charge8: *soft laughter*
Charge9: *roar*
Jump_Teleport1: On the wings of chaos.
Jump_Teleport2: Flight granted by Tzeentch!
Deepstrike1: Born from fire!
Deepstrike2: The warp ensures my arrival!
Ability1: Nurgle's gifts protect me!
Ability2: With all the fury of Khorne!
Ability3: May Tzeentch's design come to fruition.
Ability4: As the Dark Prince wills it, so shall it be.
Ability5: Burn and wither!
Combat1: Murder incarnate!
Combat2: See your entrails strew across this battlefield!
Combat3: BLOOD!
Combat4: Give in!
Combat5: Your loss is inevitable!
Combat6: Dance for the Dark Prince!
Combat7: Endless slaughter!
Combat8: Your fate is sealed!
Combat9: [maniacal laughing]
Combat10: [more maniacal laughing]
Combat11: [even more maniacal laughing]
Combat12: [angry grunt]
Combat13: [another angry grunt]
Combat14: [various other angry grunts]
Under_Fire1: They fight the inevitable.
Under_Fire2: They cling to a futile hope.
Under_Fire3: Your struggle will not save you.
Damage1: *hissing*
Damage2: *grunt followed by snapping teeth*
Damage3: *pained growl*
Death1: *ethereal sigh*
Death2: *bad-guy-gets-banished howl*
Death3: *cut-off grunt*
Death4: *tortured roar*
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans, screams, or different bloody grunts]


Daemons Prince - Undivided
A Chaos Undivided Daemon Prince is the ultimate example of a mortal who has transcended into Daemon hood. Favoured by no one particular god, this mortal has seemingly done the impossible, to gain daemon prince hood through their own mettle, cunning and sheer villainous skill and fortitude to become an overall unifying champion of Chaos. They are pragmatic and villainous to the core.
Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete1: The Apocalypse begins!
Unit_Complete2: Chaos Undivided, United in purpose!
Unit_Complete3: I am the prince of all Chaos!
Unit_Complete4: The god's will manifests through me!!!
Unit_Complete5: The Champion of Chaos has arrived!
Unit_Complete6: The Ruinous Powers have chosen me!
Unit_Complete7: Nothing can withstand the might of Chaos!
Selection1: You desire something from me, worm?
Selection2: Quit your snivelling. I sense you have a report?
Selection3: I am the gauntlet of the gods.
Selection4: You can call me your Overlord...
Selection5: The warp and cosmos are mine to command!
Selection6: The swirling forces of Chaos are at my beck and call.
Selection7: What do you bother your Daemonic liege for?
Selection8: This better be worthwhile, menial.
Selection9: Heritor of the Dark Gods!
Move1: I pay my homage to all the gods.
Move2: The creeping corruption shall spread...
Move3: Nothing is sacred, everything shall be defiled!
Move4: The cinders will catch there.
Move5: Desolation and ash are my signatures.
Move6: A fine suggestion, worm.
Move7: The reach of Chaos extends.
Move8: Yes, I am going you lackey!
Move9: Continue your bootlicking, it suits you.
Attack1: They will feel the wrath of the Dark Gods!
Attack2: Fear me, mortals!
Attack3: Their tears will be laced with blood and agony!
Attack4: I will crush their minds, bodies and souls!
Attack5: The sheep must be slaughtered.
Attack6: There is no room in my universe for the worthless!
Attack7: They shall be extinguished.
Attack8: Muhahahaha!
Attack9: Let them cower before me!
Capture1: This world will be transformed!
Capture2: It will be defiled!
Capture3: My domain shall expand!
Capped1: This asset is mine!
Capped2: Yes, my empire grows!
Capped3: It falls to the banners of Chaos.
Join1: Submit yourselves to the Dark Gods!
Join2: My unholy power now accompanies you!
Join3: You fight beneath an adherent of the Gods themselves...
Detach1: You are no longer a fit retinue!
Detach2: Your usefulness has expired!
Detach3: I have no more need of you!
Load_Transport1: It will suit my purpose.
Load_Transport2: Yes, carry your master!
Unload_Transport1: Disembark you worms!
Unload_Transport2: The journey never ends, does it?
Morale_Break1: I am the face of Chaos!
Morale_Break2: You cannot banish me!
Morale_Break3: No! I will not relinquish!
Morale_Restored1: It is only a matter of time until they are all dead...
Morale_Restored2: The forces of Chaos will consume them!
Morale_Restored3: My revenge will be legendary!
Charge1: DESPAIR!
Jump_Teleport1: Nothing will stop me!
Jump_Teleport2: My quest for power never ends!
Jump_Teleport3: Time to initiate!
Jump_Teleport4: Lo and behold my magnificence!
Jump_Teleport5: Don't think you can hide!
Jump_Teleport6: Your belief in these obstacles is humorous!
Deepstrike1: Prepare for my deep strike!
Deepstrike2: These corpse worshippers will rue the day I crash upon their world!
Ability1: Weep and submit!
Ability2: Grovel worms!
Ability3: Down with you, hounds!
Ability4: You have the blessing of the Gods. Do not disappoint.
Ability5: You have my favour, for now.
Ability6: Rejoice at your unbridled power!
Ability7: I AM THE SWORD OF CHAOS! [Greater Flame Tongue (Warp Fire)]
Ability8: FEEL MY BURNING WRATH! [Greater Flame Tongue (Warp Fire)]
Ability9: I AM THE HERALD OF CHAOS UNITED! [Greater Flame Tongue (Warp Fire)]
Ability10: (Warp Fire Roar) [Hellmouth]
Ability11: (Warp Fire Roar) [Hellmouth]
Ability12: (Warp Fire Roar) [Hellmouth]
Ability13: OBLITERATION! [Doom (Divine Obliteration)]
Ability14: I SHALL SCOUR YOUR SOULS FROM YOUR BODIES! [Doom (Divine Obliteration)]
Ability15: RECOIL IN TERROR, PATHETIC MORTALS! [Doom (Divine Obliteration)]
Ability16: The portal has been opened! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability17: I control the keys to the immaterium! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability18: The taint of the warp is ever present! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability19: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability20: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability21: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Combat1: KNEEL!
Combat10: [laughter]
Combat11: [more laughter]
Combat12: [even more laughter]
Combat13: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat15: [even more aggressive yelling and/or battle cry]
Under_Fire1: You seek to challenge me, worm!?
Under_Fire2: Your attempts are comical at best mortal!
Under_Fire3: Do keep attacking, it will only ensure a slow death!
Damage1: Hrm. A challenge finally posed?
Damage2: Amusing...
Damage3: Do not gain false hope, mortal!
Death1: NO!
Death2: I return to the warp!
Death3: To the immaterium!
Death4: I will have my vengeance!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

Daemons Prince - Nurgle
: A Chaos Daemon Prince of Nurgle is truly a champion of endurance, as to achieve daemon prince hood a devotee to Nurgle has to withstand copious amounts of diseases, disfigurements, pain and even giving birth to rather invasive forms of life from their own form, while not succumbing to any of the challenges thrown at them. Rather jovial, grandfather like and obsessed with filth and pestilence, this Daemon Prince also has an underlying disturbing coldness to them despite their familial expressions.
Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete1: The lord of flies and filth is here!!!
Unit_Complete2: Grovel and vomit your joy mortals, I've been summoned!
Unit_Complete3: Grandfather Nurgle has given me the greatest gift fellow kin! [pronounced "Nur-ghoul"]
Unit_Complete4: The time of plague has arrived!
Unit_Complete5: Death, decay and renewal, I am the cycle bringer!
Unit_Complete6: The wheel of life is my domain!
Unit_Complete7: The prince of pestilence is with you mortals!
Selection1: Ahh... I remember mortal woes.
Selection2: Yes child?
Selection3: You disturb my slumber, little one?
Selection4: A good pox would befit you...
Selection5: Flies, filth and decay...
Selection6: Smell that rancid air? Mmhm. Breathe it in.
Selection7: So many lovely spores of mold all around me...
Selection8: I'm bursting with life, but I sense you want me for death?
Selection9: Life is but a circle... of rot and decay.
Move1: Moving my hulking mass... one moment...
Move2: <huff Wheeze Huff>
Move3: <huff> Be... right... there...
Move4: The march... never ends...
Move5: Hilarious... to expect any different...
Move6: The lumbering pace of decay knows one speed...
Move7: Slogging over there, little one.
Move8: I am... <cough> full of unholy vigor!
Move9: Yes... I will get there... eventually..
Attack1: Crop to harvest!
Attack2: Let them <wheeze> taste morbid death!
Attack3: Embrace decay child!
Attack4: Each blow brings you closer to the cycle!
Attack5: I will break you upon the wheel!
Attack6: My maw grows hungry for your ripe flesh!
Attack7: Fester and boil mortal!
Attack8: Let the rot consume you!
Attack9: <cough wheeze> I'll get you...
Capture1: Spreading the taint of Nurgle...
Capture2: My efforts will yield results soon...
Capture3: In time, it will fall...
Capped1: Look at the pestilence bloom!
Capped2: Wonderful, rotting stench, <wheeze> perforate the air!
Capped3: The flies buzz and the maggots squirm, my garden expands!
Join1: I shall bless you with my rotten corpulence!
Join2: <wheeze hack> wait.. up!
Join3: Don't run so fast little mortals... we have so much time to spend together!
Detach1: Sickness and unhealth upon you, travelers!
Detach2: May your days be blighted children!
Detach3: Remember to let those sores fester!
Load_Transport1: Can I... fit?
Load_Transport2: A ferry for my... prodigious, bubble covered bulk...
Unload_Transport1: Ah, fresh air to contaminate!
Unload_Transport2: A humble journey, but it is time to trudge on.
Morale_Break1: I'll soon be in Nurgle's garden...!
Morale_Break2: <procession of hacking and wheezing>
Morale_Break3: <more coughing and wheezing>
Morale_Restored1: <cough> I can't be killed that easily...
Morale_Restored2: You... <wheeze> can't defeat what is inevitable...
Morale_Restored3: Destruction... will come soon mortal...
Charge1: HAHAAHAAHA <cough cough>
Charge2: PLAGUE!!!!
Charge3: DECAY!!!!!
Charge4: ROT!!!!
Charge5: PESTILENCE!!!
Jump_Teleport1: Let the earth split with my arrival...
Jump_Teleport2: Through the gardens we go...
Jump_Teleport3: <cough> My legs are stronger than they look...
Jump_Teleport4: I'll... be there...
Jump_Teleport5: No obstacle prevents decay...
Jump_Teleport6: The wheel of time... presses on...
Deepstrike1: Jolly old me will arrive soon to give all the gifts!
Deepstrike2: Time to crash into their false, clean fantasy.
Ability1: Nurgh!
Ability2: Huuurgh!
Ability3: Small maggots!
Ability4: Disease will bolster you!
Ability5: What <wheeze> doesn't kill you... makes you stronger!
Ability6: There is strength in sickness!
Ability7: Flies! Pestilence! Stink! Rot! FILTH! [Greater Nurgle's Rot]
Ability8: BREATHE IT IN!!!! [Greater Nurgle's Rot]
Ability9: Hehehe... that one was spicy. [Greater Nurgle's Rot]
Ability10: The rancid warp road! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability11: Through the portal children! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability12: A portal to numbing oblivion! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability13: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability14: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability15: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Combat1: Feel your flesh sloughing off?
Combat2: <Sneeze, cough, hack and wheeze> children!
Combat3: Spread the sickness!
Combat4: Let the illness consume you!
Combat5: Submit to the sickness child!
Combat6: Let your bodies decay and fester!
Combat7: You will all harbour the maggots!
Combat8: Cold, sweet death awaits!
Combat9: Itch, scratch and bleed!
Combat10: [laughter]
Combat11: [more laughter]
Combat12: [even more laughter]
Combat13: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat15: [even more aggressive yelling and/or battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Hahaha... that <wheeze> tickles...
Under_Fire2: A... futile... attempt...
Under_Fire3: They think they harm me...
Damage1: No pain... no remorse...
Damage2: I am indefatigable mortal...
Damage3: Nothing... will stop me...
Death1: Death's... sweet... embrace
Death2: I will be... renewed...
Death3: The cycle... repeats...
Death4: My body... will give new life...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

Daemons Prince - Slaanesh
: A Slaaneshi Daemon Prince was once an individual mortal soul who, through excess, hedonism, pleasure, perversion and the pursuit of perfection, transcended into the decadent, evocative immortal form they now have. Neither male nor female, something in between, this Daemon Prince is teasing, flirtatious and flamboyant, and utterly sadistic.
Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete1: Ah my sweet darlings, your prince is here!
Unit_Complete2: Proceed to prostrate yourselves, your prince of pleasure has arrived!
Unit_Complete3: MMMMmmmmmmhhhhhh Yeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!
Unit_Complete4: The favourite of Slaanesh has entered this sordid little arena! [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
Unit_Complete5: Rue the day little dears, the champion of carnal desire walks forth!
Unit_Complete6: The tips of your tongues all quiver, your souls all shiver!
Unit_Complete7: She Who Thirsts sends their prince to party!
Selection1: Oh, I can see you shake with antici...pation!
Selection2: You seem a little tense. Maybe a good flaying will do you good hmmmm?
Selection3: Intrepid little thing aren't you, ordering me around?
Selection4: This little mortal thinks they can order someone like me around?
Selection5: How adorable, a mortal begging my attention!
Selection6: Please my dear, grovelling is only entertaining for so long!
Selection7: Yes? Speak up, I'm rather impatient.
Selection8: I get bored easily, this better be good.
Selection9: What dark insidious secrets do you wish to spill today?
Move1: A little walk in the materium!
Move2: Jaws will drop and eyes will oggle right out of their sockets!
Move3: Strutting my stuff always gets loquacious little fools cheering my name!
Move4: Domains to conquer, hearts to break as they say...
Move5: Really? There?
Move6: Oh of course, I was going there anyways.
Move7: I'm not going there because you told me to! Only because I WANT to.
Move8: Certainly, my little pet!
Move9: Watch their eyes and souls light up as I prance to there! Haha!
Attack1: With grace and beauty, I'll decapitate them!
Attack2: Lets trim the flesh gardens!
Attack3: Oh, look at all the cute little mortals to kill!
Attack4: I can barely handle... THE EXCITEMENT!!
Attack5: Mmhmm... the sensation of slaughter is most tingling!
Attack6: No help will arrive for these scuttling little scamps!
Attack7: Lets flay them and make some glistening coats!
Attack8: I'll shape them in perverse image!
Attack9: Succulent pain!
Capture1: How devious, capturing this little point are we?
Capture2: What a naughty mind you have, taking this from the enemy?
Capture3: Oh hohoho, some artistic re-arrangement!
Capped1: Mmhm... much better!
Capped2: It truly looks better I think!
Capped3: Aaaahhh, lovely. Mine now.
Join1: A posse for this prince!
Join2: Come come little lickspittles, gather around my beauty!
Join3: Pleasure servants, excellent!
Detach1: You're all so boooooring.
Detach2: Enjoy the parting pain whelps!
Detach3: Appreciate the parting view, thirsty things!
Load_Transport1: Oooohhh, a tight, confined space you want me to go into?
Load_Transport2: Someone's feeling a little frisky aren't we?
Unload_Transport1: Our scandalous trip is done!
Unload_Transport2: How disappointing, it was so short!
Morale_Break1: Auuuughh! I can feel... this mental agony, so good!
Morale_Break2: The anxiety, ever creeping throughout!
Morale_Break3: The warp is overtaking me!!! The pain is brilliant!
Morale_Restored1: Mmhmm... Almost lost my composure there!
Morale_Restored2: What? A Daemon prince can't throw a little tantrum once in a while?
Morale_Restored3: Rebuked is your cute little efforts at unsettling me!
Jump_Teleport1: Thunderous thighs to die for!
Jump_Teleport2: Watch out below! Hahaha!
Jump_Teleport3: Thick thighs end lives! Heheehe!
Jump_Teleport4: Oh they're in for a party crash alright!
Jump_Teleport5: Every entrance of mine is fabulous!
Jump_Teleport6: Ecstatic!
Deepstrike1: Let's pay them all a visit!
Deepstrike2: Wooof! Time to explode!
Ability1: A little love for you all!
Ability2: Touching time is over!
Ability3: Scatter to the winds little wretches!
Ability4: Mmhmmmmm, feel that? Oh yes you do.
Ability5: Feels good doesn't it? Also terrible? Goooood.
Ability6: Savour the flavour, little thing.
Ability7: Oh little darlings, despair and revel in this exquisite agony! [Curse of Slaanesh]
Ability8: You all look so horrendously beautiful now!!! [Curse of Slaanesh]
Ability9: Works of art, all of you! Feel your flesh contort to new highs! [Curse of Slaanesh]
Ability10: A pretty little portal just for us my dears! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability11: The Almighty Prince of Perversion Provides! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability12: Oooooo Look at all the pretty lights! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability13: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability14: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability15: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Combat1: Time to penetrate!
Combat2: So sickeningly sweet!
Combat3: All these degenerates around me!
Combat4: Feed your souls to me!
Combat5: Engorge my craven appetite!
Combat6: You think you can dance?
Combat7: Deluded mortal!
Combat8: You can't keep up!
Combat9: Clumsy bastards!
Combat10: Give in, let it happen!
Combat11: [more laughter]
Combat12: [even more laughter]
Combat13: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat15: [even more aggressive yelling and/or battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Pelting my beautiful form!? How dare you
Under_Fire2: What?! That one actually hit me!
Under_Fire3: You're inviting a lot of pain upon yourself!
Damage1: Ugh, this is really ruining my visage!
Damage2: Oooof. This pain is quite... tremendous!
Damage3: Ahh-ahhh, I'm really feeling this!!!!
Death1: URGHH, Sweet... agony... why can't you stay longer!?
Death2: No, no! Not long enoooouuuughh!!!!
Death3: Shame... I was just starting to enjoy myself!!!
Death4: Banished to the boring warp again...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

Daemons Prince - Tzeentch
: A Chaos Daemon Prince of Tzeentch is a formerly mortal individual who has achieved Daemon Prince hood via plotting, scheming and mastery of the arcane arts. An arrogant and intelligent individual, they should sound pretentious and powerful, like an all powerful daemonic wizard.
Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete1: Take heed, and marvel at my majesty!
Unit_Complete2: I herald the changer of ways!
Unit_Complete3: The Architect of Fate has arrived!
Unit_Complete4: I have manifested!
Unit_Complete5: The winds of the warp bring me forth!
Unit_Complete6: Lo and behold the magic of Tzeentch! [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Unit_Complete7: Marvel at my arcane mastery!
Selection1: Grovel and weep before my power!
Selection2: You speak to me, inferior?
Selection3: My powers are beyond your comprehension, mortal!
Selection4: Little, lilliputian insect... you dare command me?
Selection5: Your hopes and dreams offer great kindling to my glory!
Selection6: My revolution shall shake the cosmos!
Selection7: I know of things you're not even aware of. Speak.
Selection8: My dominance of the arcane is unparalleled!
Selection9: Not a word! I already know what you want.
Move1: The strands of fate are within my grasp...
Move2: Destiny is mine to command!
Move3: No distance can prohibit me!
Move4: The prince of prophecy moves!
Move5: Yes, this seems immaculate, mortal.
Move6: With each step, my plan falls into place!
Move7: Just as planned!
Move8: Yes, I accept your suggestion slave.
Move9: Forsooth, I have predicted this!
Attack1: The string of fate is cut now!
Attack2: Mortal wretches!
Attack3: They shall fuel my power!
Attack4: Behold your doom!
Attack5: Be gripped with fear!
Attack6: Be slaughtered by my sorcery!
Attack7: A curse upon you mortal!
Attack8: Your soul shall be shackled to whim!
Attack9: Destined for death!
Capture1: This stretch of the materium shall be mine!
Capture2: I shall bind it to my will!
Capture3: My vision for this swathe of land shall not be impeded!
Capped1: Ahhh, the transformation can begin!
Capped2: I can feel the aethyric energies of my conquest copulate!
Capped3: Magnificent!
Join1: My very presence augments your perception of reality mortals!
Join2: Rejoice! The prince of prophecy graces you!
Join3: Minions for my most devious plots!
Detach1: You have served your purpose, I now discard you!
Detach2: I have no more need of meager lackeys!
Detach3: My patience has worn thin with you,  simple inferiors!
Load_Transport1: A chariot for my wizardly countenance!
Load_Transport2: An interesting choice of transport for my divine form...
Unload_Transport1: I have no more need for this vessel!
Unload_Transport2: This transport has played its part.
Morale_Break1: The annuals of time must be estranged!
Morale_Break2: Rivals of the warp bewitch me!
Morale_Break3: My magical might is challenged!?
Morale_Restored1: None can overcome the Architect of Fate!
Morale_Restored2: They cannot out predict me...
Morale_Restored3: Ridiculous! Me, to be afraid of fate?
Charge1: Your soul shall be twisted asunder!
Charge2: Feel the ever corrupting winds of change!
Charge3: Writhe in mutation and chaos!
Charge4: Fear my magical might!
Charge5: Hexes and curses, spell craft and sorcery!
Jump_Teleport1: I shall tread the planes of existence!
Jump_Teleport2: The warp provides a route!
Jump_Teleport3: I seek my path within the immaterium!
Jump_Teleport4: I go forth!
Jump_Teleport5: Maledictum Transportatum!
Jump_Teleport6: Walking is for menials!
Deepstrike1: My landing was etched into the tablets of time!
Deepstrike2: Inevitable I should arrive here!
Ability1: Pathetic insects!
Ability2: Be still wretches!
Ability3: Away with you, pests!
Ability4: Lo and behold, my wondrous powers within you!
Ability5: I cast a spell upon thee!
Ability6: Bring forth your soul in payment, as I grant rewards!
Ability7: Time is only a matter of relative perception. [Temporal Paradox (Warp Time)]
Ability8: The clock of the cosmos is merely a conduit to be manipulated! [Temporal Paradox (Warp Time)]
Ability9: Suffer the power of temporal paradox! [Temporal Paradox (Warp Time)]
Ability10: The majesty of my malevolent magic is gifted to you mortals! [Wall of Vile Magic (Warp Fire)]
Ability11: Witness my corrupting power! [Wall of Vile Magic (Warp Fire)]
Ability12: I shall scour thee with mutating, changing flame!!! [Wall of Vile Magic (Warp Fire)]
Ability13: To the immaterium! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability14: I summon the cosmic roads of the warp at our behest. [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability15: The gates of the warp open for me! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability16: This portal shall lead us into the ever and swirling energies of the warp. [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability17: This warp portal shall be the gateway to our destiny. [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability18: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability19: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability20: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Combat2: Allow me to remove your existence!
Combat3: Your soul shall be additive to my own!
Combat4: Falter and die!
Combat5: The dice will not roll in your favour knave!
Combat6: Your luck shall run out!
Combat7: Bahahaha! I shall harvest you for mana essence!
Combat8: Empower me with your deaths!
Combat9: Chaotic calamities, terrible tragedies!
Combat11: [more laughter]
Combat12: [even more laughter]
Combat13: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat15: [even more aggressive yelling and/or battle cry]
Under_Fire1: You mock me with your punitive weapons!
Under_Fire2: A feasibly farce attempt you make mortal!
Under_Fire3: A laughable assault upon my constitution!
Damage1: You seek to banish the one who can snip your fate!?
Damage2: My powers can alter the course of history fool!
Damage3: You insipid little upstart!
Death1: NOOOOO!!!
Death2: Curses! Into the immaterium again!!!
Death3: The humiliation, betwixt is my fate!?
Death4: Tzeentch, you dastardly deceiver!!!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

Daemons Prince - Khorne
: The Khornate Daemon Prince is above all, a bloodthirsty warrior. A devotee of Khorne in mortal life, this warrior slaughtered, killed and mutilated countless numbers of foes and survived battle after battle, until they finally gained the favour of Khorne to be elevated to immortal Daemon hood. Angry, laconic and relentless, their existence comprises entirely of violence.
Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete4: I AM HERE ON BEHALF OF KHORNE! [pronounced "Corn"]
Selection1: You irritate me!
Selection2: Why do you speak!?
Selection3: WHAT!?
Selection4: SPEAK QUICKLY!
Selection6: I need blood!
Selection7: You test my patience mortal!
Selection8: I have cleaved countless cowards, why shouldn't I cleave you!?
Selection9: Worthless dog! What do you want!?
Move1: Where is the slaughter?
Move2: Take me to the enemy!
Move3: I'll kill any who get in my way!
Move4: Marching!?
Move5: Sate my bloodlust already!
Move6: I will hunt them!
Move7: Whoever I see dies!
Move8: Where I go, corpses of the slain appear!
Move9: My time is being wasted!
Attack2: TO BATTLE!
Capped1: It falls under my banner!
Capped2: The soil shall run red!
Capped3: This land shall be converted to slaughter!
Join1: You are now MY cohort!
Join2: Submit to me slaves!
Load_Transport1: This better carry me to battle!
Load_Transport2: Ferry me to war!
Unload_Transport1: FINALLY, IT IS TIME TO SLAY!
Unload_Transport2: THAT TOOK TOO LONG!
Morale_Break1: BLOOD! MY BLOOD!
Morale_Break2: YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!!!
Morale_Break3: I WILL NOT WAVER!!!
Morale_Restored1: *snort* I am unbeatable!
Morale_Restored2: I. AM. A. WARRIOR!!!
Morale_Restored3: MY HATRED SWELLS!
Charge1: DIE!!!!
Charge2: SLAUGHTER!!!!
Charge3: SLAY THEM ALL!!!
Jump_Teleport1: THERE, HURRY!
Jump_Teleport2: NO TIME TO WASTE!
Jump_Teleport3: DO NOT TARRY!
Jump_Teleport4: WITH HASTE!
Jump_Teleport5: DEATH FROM ABOVE!
Deepstrike1: CRASH AND BURN!
Ability2: CATTLE!
Ability3: WEAKLINGS!
Ability7: REVEL IN YOUR HATRED! [Mark of Blood]
Ability8: IT SHALL BE A BLOODBATH!!!! [Mark of Blood]
Ability9: LET THE BLOOD FLOW!!! [Mark of Blood]
Ability10: IN THE NAME OF KHORNE! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability11: The Brass Legions shall march forth from this portal! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability12: TRAVERSE AND TERRORIZE! [Summon Infernal Rift Portal (Warp Portal)]
Ability13: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability14: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Ability15: (Fear Roar) [Breath Of Chaos]
Combat2: NO MERCY!!!
Combat3: NO RESPITE!!!
Combat4: PITIFUL SCUM!!!
Combat8: SUFFER!!!
Combat10: [laughter]
Combat11: [more laughter]
Combat12: [even more laughter]
Combat13: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat15: [even more aggressive yelling and/or battle cry]
Damage1: I... WILL... FIGHT... ON!!!!
Death2: THE BLOOD... HAS... FLOWN...
Death4: ETERNAL... WAR...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

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Advanced Skirmish AI Team Lead for the coolest Warhammer40k PC RTS out there:

Dawn of War Advanced AI Headquarters

Latest DoW Advanced AI Download!

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Battlefield Spottings (alternate old)


Chaos Marines

Mortal chaos worshippers... They dare turn against their MASTERS???? [make the "masters" sound loud and mad]

Unworthy followers of Chaos, you ALL SHALL DIE!!!!

Disbanded Chaos Legion! Here? Strike down their renegade Lord and scatter these misfits!

Traitor Chaos Marines.. confused whom you serve? You will soon serve a new master and face great pain for your insolence!

These lackeys have outlived their usefulness. Destroy them!!

These fools have disappointed our Lords dearly. You know what must be done!


Dark Eldar

Teach these mortal pirates what darknessss is like!!

Destroy their ships and eat their slaaaaaaaaaves !!!!!

Feeble Eldar Pirates! Let them try to raid us then make their escape! They will so badly misjudge the power of Chaos once again!

Ah.. the sadistic Dark Eldar looking for slaves? Good.. so are we and we'll be taking yours and MORE!!!!!!!!

You already belong to Slaanesh. We now rescind the illusion of freedom.  [pronounced “Slaa-nesh”]

Did you expect to hold us off forever, cursed ones?



Craftworld Bitches! Slice their ancient feeble xenos bodies into tiny shards!

Eldar Witch Band! Your useless psykers will help adorn the Warp Gates to our other realms!

Ah, Eldar. I look forward to handing them to Slaanesh myself. [pronounced “Slaa-nesh”]

You knew this time would come, Farseer. And how it will end.


Imperial Guard

Bah! Puny weak flesh soldiers of the Corpse Emperor! Their great numbers will help feed the dark engines of the Warp!

HAHAH! Imperial Forces! Submit to your masters and die violently against my waling sword!

Ah, fresh lambs for the slaughter!

Your commanders have sent you here to die. Worry not. They shall soon join you!



These ancient machines have no souls to harvest... DESTROOOY!!!!!

Cold, walking metal marches against us.... Against permanent death....

War Machines of the Necrontyr!! Destroy them all and pile high their un-animated bodies! [pronounced "Neck-ron-tear"]

Necron automatons! Mere wave after war of robotic nuisances! The thought of a target-rich battle is most.. appealing.. HAHAH!

Your star gods denied you death...now the Chaos gods shall deliver it.

You deny us even this most basic pleasure of devouring your souls. And you shall suffer for this.



Pathetic Green Skins! Roll over them like the fodder they are!

The Ork Horde! I so love to grind extra meat into my morning sausage! BAHAHAH!

Your Gods have no power here, green filth.

The Orks cannot even comprehend Chaos, let alone join it. Kill them all.


Sisters of Battle

Their prayers will NOT save them. Feast on their Fleeeeeeeshhhhh!!!!

Convert these female Emperor worshippers..... to CHAOSSSSSSSS.....

Battle Sluts of the False Emperor! Your only usefulness is as slave entertainers to Chaos and even then you fail!

A gaggle of sisters from the Inquisition have breached our realm! Deal with them as you will.. but keep the Canoness for our later.. amusement. HAHHAH!

Your prayers have been heard. And Oh, were they amusing.

Tell me again, Sister, how that hymn ended?


Space Marines

Foolish Astartes! Your attempts to enforce the will of your long dead Emperor will fail once more this day! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

HAH! Ah yess.. come closer space marine. I will ensure I use all your body parts well and disregard the rest!

If the marines will not join us, we will dispose of them...

We'll see how Astartes armor fares against the fury of the warp! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]



Xenos Blue Skins! Tear them apart before they have time to kill us from their superior range!

Ahh.. the Tau are here.. Without all their sleak mech suits they are mere coloured gum for us to chew on!

We made the mistake of allowing your kind to live this long. We shall shortly correct that.

The children approach with their toys.


Black Templars

Monastic Astartes in our path...... Defile their Temples and slaughter them AAAALL!!! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Crusaders of a lost cause, come to your DOOOOM!!

Bah! The fell sons of Sigismund have soiled this world with their righteous zeal! We will make sure none of their kind make it out alive this day! [pronounced "Sig-is-mund"]

Black Templar scum walk among us! Move the lesser daemons forward. This should be a good sparring match HAHAHAH!

The bastard Templars! Find the Marshal that leads them! There is a tasty reward for the first one who brings his head!


Blood Angels
Astartes bearing the Blood curse approach... Let their rage amuse you, and then drink their blood! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Blood vampires!!! Glory to Ka'Bhanda! Death to Sanguinius and his progeny! [pronounced "Kah-Bhan-dah" and "Sang-win-ee-us"]

Astartes of the Blood Angels chapter! We shall put those who suffer "the flaw" out of their misery! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Red Marine armour spotted! The Daemon Horde has much to loath these Blood Angels!


Blood Ravens

The Blood Ravens have found us already??? Good!!!! We will bury them with the Secret of this place.

Ha! The dying Astartes chapter of the Blood Ravens! Demand their extinction from the annals of time. We shall finish it here!! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

A gaggle of Marine Librarians shows itself! Take them out first and watch all the rest collapse around their demise!

Forces of the Unknown Primarch have engaged us! Once the Daemons roll through them, they will truly be UNKNOWN!! HAHAHAHHH! [pronounced "Prime-ark"]

 Crimson Fists

The last remnants of the Crimson Fists are begging for extinction....

Red-Fisted Astartes show themselves looking for Orks to fight! Too bad we aren't the Orks HAHAHHAH! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Another of Dorn's bastard marines! Over-run these Ork Fighters and take their bodies as trophies!

There are Crimson Fists here! Unleash the full fury of the Warp on these blue fools and send them back to their coveted Emperor!


Dark Angels

The Hooded Astartes... Divulge their dark secrets over their mutilated corpses!!!  [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Tame the Lions of Caliban with fang and claw!!!! [pronounced "Cal-ah-ban"]

HA! The Lion's losers dare frolic in plain view of us! We shall redeem them muddied in their own blood!

Marines of their dead world Caliban sighted! Send them back to THE ROCK to which they came! HAHAHHA! [pronounced "Cal-ah-ban"]

Ah.. the Dark Angels. The first founding Marine Chapter! Pity you will be the last to witness all that you know burn in the insatiable hellfires of the Warp!


Fallen Angels
I smell the past sins of these Fallen Astartes.... Their souls are ready for the sacrifice!! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Renegade Space Marines? Must we do the work the blasted Dark Angels are supposed to do?! Slay all of them!

Fallen Astartes! Mere pirates, warlords, and roaming nomads! These will not be a challenge for us! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Oh? The scattered men of long destroyed Caliban have wandered into our realm!?!? Angels have indeed fallen this day! [pronounced "Cal-ah-ban"]


Imperial Fists

Their defenses are useless against our wrath. Unleash our hordes against the Imperial fists and crash their armour!!

Blasted Sons of Dorn! These siege marines will fully be witness to the destructive might of the unstoppable daemon army!

Imperial Fists! Good.. there yellow colours will befit them once we frighten them back to their dear Emperor... HAHAHAHH!

Astartes Siege force spotted! The Daemons will NOT BE BESIEGED this day!!! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Iron Hands

The Men of Medusa! More machine than ape! It shall be trivial disposing of these mere Astartes robots! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Mechanical marines of the Corpse God! Rip their circuits away and leave the rest as daemon food! Ha!

Armies of the Iron Hands walk among the Daemons! No.. The flesh is not weak as you say but it is we whom are much STRONGER!!!


Legion Of The Damned

Hmm.. we know these... [pause] Ghost Marines!

The Damned Legion! They will not vanish into the Warp again until we have taken many of them down!

So.. the fate of the long lost Fire Hawks is known! We shall show these phantoms they should have never returned!


Raven Guard

Bah! Raven Guard patrols found! Destroy them before they hit our Warp Gates from behind us!

Marines of Corax have infiltrated Daemon-controlled territory! Search for their Shadow Captain and rip those especially with Lightning Claws to shreds! [pronounced "Core-axe"]

Jump Pack Astartes of the dreaded Raven Guard are near! Prepare to repel their insidious precision assaults! The Daemons will prevail! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]


Red Scorpions

Ha! The Purist Astartes! We'll make sure to add extra corruption into the wounds! HAHAHAH! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Red Scorpion pure gene-seed inbound! Hmmmm.. TASTY!

The demon-hating filth that are the Red Scorpions is well known! Desecrate their bodies as much as you can! They deserve a fool's death!



Grant these lizards the fiery death they deserve.

Prepare the Furnaces!!!!! We shall have Salamanders for dinner!!!!
Black-faced Salamander chapter dare threaten the mighty Daemon armies of Chaos!?! This is a marvelous day for all of them to die painfully!

Vulkan's marine lackeys have been found! Run passed their flamers and maul them to bits!! [pronounced "Vul-can's"]

Men of Nocturne... prepare yourselves for absolute death.. for it is NOT us who will be cast into the consuming fires! That.. is your fate! [pronounced "Nock-turn"]


Space Wolves

Wolf Marines Spotted! Slice open these pact animals and use their hides as luxury coats! HA!

Space Wolves prowling our lands! Make the cries of these Beast Astartes deafening! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Wolves of Russ! Silent those curs and subdue them.. We demand a new pet! HAHAHAH!

Marine Wolf Pack rampages before us! Slay them like the untamed dogs they are!

Awwggghhh... annoying wolves! Shut their jaws before they bark at us, worms.



These Astartes sent their elite (HAHAH!) to confront us, but we are UNSTOPPABLE!!! Kill the Ultramarines!!!! ["elite” should include ironic laughter of contempt] [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Men of Macragge show themselves! Prepare for a real good fight! HAHAH! [pronounced "Mac-raaj"]

The bastard sons of Guilliman invade our space! Many trophies for the taking! [pronounced "Gill-i-man"]

Ultramarines! Pathetic Codex Astartes worshipers! Let their self-confidence be their undoing! [pronounced "Code-exs Ass-tar-tehs"]

Marines of Ultramar! If their leader, Calgar, is among them bring us his head and Chaos will reward you most handsomely! [pronounced "Ultra-mar" and "Cal-gar"]


White Scars

Biked Astartes who need more Scars on their faces... [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Outriders of Jaghatai! The White Scars will not out-pace the hellions of the Warp this day! [pronounced "Jahg-ha-tye"]

Fast Attacking Astartes! We'll paint their white armour with the dull stains of their own dead brothers! HAHAHA! [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]

Riders of the Khan encircle us! Daemons.. do what you do best! Send these tribal fools to their graves!


Alpha Legion
Alpha Legion Hydra Cell detected! Have they lost their minds to threaten the likes of us?

Chaos infiltrators spotted! Renegade cultists have dared invade our realm!

Sever the head of the Hydra! Alpha Legion has gone rogue!


Black Legion

What is this?!?! Has the Despoiler lost control over his Crusaders? They are all damned!

This is Madness! Abbadon's forces have turned against us! [pronounced "ABBA-don"]

The dysfunctional WarMaster sends his Black Crusaders to fight a legion of Daemon Spawn? Good.. hahah.. we could use the practice! [pronounced "Day-mon"]


Blood Pact

A Khorne Warband is in our midst! Flush these tainted warrior-cultists back and slay their Generals! [pronounced "Corn"]

Feudal worshipers of the Blood God! They wish to ransack our hold on these lands? HA! Kill them all!!

We have found the ragged forces of the Blood Pact! Make them regret ever setting foot here!


Death Guard

Forces of the GrandFather have extended their taint our way! Wipe.. them.. out!

Nurgle's Rot! We must expunge that smell! [pronounced "Nur-ghoul's"]

Damned plague regiment! The Death Guard have diseased these lands! We must claim it back!

The Death Guard dares to oppose us???


Emperors Children

Perversion and Deviancy run rampant in our sight! Noise Marines will not be far behind!

Slaanesh's minions! Foolish pleasure seekers have turned against the Daemons and must be crushed! [pronounced "Slaa-nesh's"]

The Emperors Children! Bah! Take our their sonic weaponry or your ears will bleed!

Freak legionnaires! Fulgrim has turned his marines against the Hellions of the Warp!


Iron Warriors

So.. Perturabo and his legion have switched sides. Good.. Iron Within.. Dead Without! HAHAHAH! [pronounced "Per-tur-ah-bow"]

Chaos Siege Masters have entered our grounds! Watch for their fortifications and secure our summoning gates!

Bastard Sons of Iron! These Metal Men have fallen into madness! Shatter their bodies!


Night Lords

Night Lord terror force lurking among us! We shall see who scares who?!

Rulers of the Night stalk our land! Put down their stealth tactics for WE FEAR NOTHING!!

Marines of long dead Nostramo dare try to terrorize us? They truly are Kursed! [pronounced "Nos-tram-oh"]


Red Corsairs

Pirate Warband spotted! Too bad we have nothing for these traitors to loot! HAHAHHH!

Lord Huron's rejects found sneaking in plain view! Send them back to the garbage scowls from whence they came!

From the Maelstrom these Red Corsairs attempt to plunder what we do not have. Pathetic! Make them pay dearly for annoying us!



Chaos Renegade filth! Shred their Imperial machines to pieces and leave no trace!

Mutants and Degenerates! This rag-tag band of fools will be easily dispatched back to the hungry infernos of the Warp!

Look at these Chaos wannabees! Bah! You are way over your heads, renegade!


Thousand Sons

Sorcerer forces of Magnus! Sons of Tzeentch! Prepare to meet the Daemon horde! [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]

Here us, Rubrics! We.. are the Architect of YOUR DEMISE! We will not bow to you or your magiks!

Legion of Prospero.. what are your intentions in our space? Whom do you ally with? [pronounced "Pros-per-oh"]

Impossible!!!! The Warp Wizards of the Thousand Sons must have succumbed to insanity....


Traitor (Imperial) Guard

Tainted Imperial regiment dares oppose us! Send their kind back as withered corpses to their Emperor!
Traitor regiment engaged! Good...! Their kind shall make willing slaves to keep our Warp Gates clean! HAHAHAH!

Corrupt war-party of the Imperium has fallen victim to Chaos! Converts will be easy prey!


Word Bearers

Word Bearers! We must determine whose side their Dark Apostle has allied with?

What insanity is this? Dark Missionary forces control their own Daemon Legion! We will destroy them all! This is OUR DOMAIN!!

Lorgar has sent his armies to oppose us? We are not the traitors, Fool Bearer! [pronounced "Lore-gar"]


World Eaters

Rejects of the Blood God! Angron has failed over his control of his Bezerker forces! How.. unfortunate! [pronounced "An-gron"]

Ah.. so the Skull Throne isn't fit for lessers.. is it Khorne? SO.. BE.. IT!!!!!!! [ensure last three letters are said in utter contempt!] [pronounced "Corn"]

The fell legion of the World Eaters has truly gone mad this day! It shall be a pleasure hunting them for the sport!


Adapteus Mechanicus

Constructs of the Imperium! Crush their mechanical inventions as mere useful toys for us to play with!

Machines of the False Emperor! Show them all as being failed experiments!



Deathworld Filth! We'll make sure to keep away from the dense forests and slaughter you all out in the open!

Jungle Bastards! Protect our summoning gates from their Demo teams!

Catachan insurgents! These "buff apes" fight well when swinging from the trees but eventually need to reveal themselves. [pronounced "Cat-a-can"]


Death Korps of Krieg

Imperial Clone armies! Storm their trenches and scoop out their bodies at will!

The forces of Krieg has set up forts and artillery on our front lines! Show no quarter and rip them all to shreds! [pronounced "Cree-g"]



Imperial Drop Troops! We will tear their wings off like flies!

Falling scum of the Fell Emperor! They swarm like locusts and drop from the skies!


Harakoni Warhawks

What madness are these that drop from above? Ha! Pick them off as they fall!

An Imperial Drop Regiment! The False Emperor sends a flock of birds to the slaughter house!


Kanak Skull Takers

Feral Imperial cavemen! HAHAH.. the Warp could use another foul ape servant!

Savage beastmen of the Corpse Emperor! No better than filth Orks! Skin them until they violently die!


Last Chancers 13th Penal Legion

A Penal Regiment tries to infiltrate our conquered lands! Fools! You will be brutally pushed aside!

Ah.. so you seek salvation for your past ills? Good.. your redemption will come swiftly from the blunt force of Chaos!



The Imperial Marching Band is here! Hahahah! Roll over them as they stride towards us!

Hive World rejects... the Mordians parade towards their doom! [pronounced "More-di-ans"]



Bahahah.. Imperial defenders! You come to protect this world from us?! Run away before you soil your pants!

Planetary protectorates! Mere fodder for our lesser daemons!



Praetorian Hive scum! Beware their iron discipline and steamroll right through their ranks! [pronounced "Prey-tor-e-an"]

Uniformed Hive World regiment! Scatter yourselves and pick them off one by one before they concentrate their fire on you!


Steel Legions

Armageddon armoured regiment! Let them think they are fighting Orks.. they will be so badly mistaken!

Imperial armour of the Steel Legion approaches! Focus the daemons on their tanks!



Tallarn Sand Rats! Squash this pathetic guerrilla band and use their robes to suffocate the very life out of them! [pronounced "Tal-lar-an"]

Imperial Desert regiment has been spotted lurking in our territory! Eviscerate these pesky humans once and for all!


Tanith First And Only

Imperial phantoms! Search for their hiding spots and dispatch them quickly!

We have cloaked snipers among the pack! Find their camps and tear their hearts out before they have a chance to pick us off!



Ice World Filth! They may tolerate pain and heavy loses well but they will be no match for the Daemon onslaught which comes for them!

Imperial regiment of Valhalla! Scout for their artillery pieces and mow down every last one of their infantry charges! [pronounced "Val-hal-ah"]



Ah.. relic Imperial cannon fodder! Keep them away from city streets and annihilate them all out in the open!

First-Born will mean First-To-Die this day! HAHAHAHH!



Colourful Deviants and Degenerates! These Xenos will break as easy as their Craftworld counterparts!

Dancing Fools! The only colours you will see this day are the dark and dead tones of your badly broken corpses blanketing our bodies!

Bah.. a circus act for pathetic wimps! Our show will be far more entertaining when we cast your carcasses into the Hell fires of the Warp!

It's time to end the laughter of these clowns. Drawn them in their own bloooood !!!

Macabre Dancers' souls. Collect them AAALL!!!


 Inquisition Daemonhunt

Ha! They send a Grand Inquisitor to banish us! Fools! You over-estimate your chances against our vast Daemon Legion!

The Corpse Emperor's enforcement lackeys! We will feast on Grey Knights tonight!

Inquisitorial raiding forces have breached our domain! Take them out before they subdue us in chains!

The fearless Daemonhunters will know taste horror. Destroy Theeeeem!!!!!

They sent their puny Kniiiiights....?? HAHAHAHAHAH!!!   Eeeeend their Daemonhuuuunt!!!!!!! [The "HAHAHA" must first have an air of certainty, then sound a bit worried. The "end their daemonhunt " should sound as if infuriated by the presence of the daemonhunters ]

Hunters? Or hunted? We shall see, Inquisitor.

You liken yourself to be our demise? How naive.



Wenches of the Inquisition! They have caged some of our own to be used against us! No mercy!

War Sluts and Bitches in Power Armour! Good.. a new pet shall be added this day to our collection!

Hunter pack of the Inquisition! No.. we shall hunt them down and smother their entrails into the bloodied grounds!

Exorcist or not, you will all share the the same fate.

Teach these female harlots what LUUST is really like!!


Genestealer Cult

Hive Mind Cultists! They will not transform this world while we are enslaving it!

Beware the Patriarch! Kill them all quickly before they alert the approaching Hive Fleets!



Bio Mass infiltrators! The accursed Tyranids have begun their absorption of this world. Liquidate them all before they spread! [pronounced "Tear-rah-nids"]

Xenos Bug infestation! Exterminate them all or face the impending wrath of their Norm Queen!

The Tyranids are discovered and have started infecting everything like a plague! Chaos demands their immediately destruction!

Alien monsters infest this place. Bring me their mother's head... I want to eat a Queen tonight!!!

Bugs everywhere.... Bah, send the flamers to exterminate them!!!

Tyranids.... Good, good!!! We will have an exotic feast tonight !!!

Strangers from beyond the void...begone!

We have already laid claim to this galaxy. There is no room for you here.



More Daemons to claim OUR prize????? Destroooooy them!!!

Whom do you serve renegade Daemon Pack?

Feral Daemons? Here?!?! Best to know whom your masters are lest it be taught to you!

Who are these Fell Daemons who threaten us? Submit or be violently cast aside as spent meat to feed our minions!

They have proven a nuisance to our Lord. Vanquish them.

Our foes from the warp have followed us here!



This monstrous beast means nothing to us! If it does not submit to the Will of Chaos it shall be vanquished!

Creature.. join us and Chaos will reward you without end but dare not tempt us if you do not!

What kind of colossal fiend dares block our subjugation of these lands? Obey us or die!!



More to be devoured by chaos Daemons!!!!

Unleash Hell upon them!!!


The foe taunts us.. good.. the battlefield will look bloodied once we've crushed our way through!

There! We have found the insidious filth threatening our back territory.. this shall be a good day!

An incursion within our midst! An annoyance we will easily dispatch!

Enemy forces discovered! Prepare the daemons for the attack!

Ahhhh.. more meat for our grinders! HAHAHAH!

Excellent!! Unsuspecting victims we can use to fuel our armies!

Slaughter on an industrial scale! HAHAHAH!

Send for more daemons.. we'll have need for extra helpers to carry their bodies away.



Armoured columns approach.. move the heavy smashers forward!

Enemy Tanks?! They will not halt the Will of Chaos! Crush them to bits!

Mighty war machines encroach on our territory! Send them all back to the scrap yards!




NEW Battlefield Spottings - Just talk with an evil, daemonic voice.

The Gods do not take defiance kindly....
You cannot run away from Chaos.
You have outlived your use, mortals.
Come, show how strong your faith in the dark powers is!

Dark Eldar
You only delay the inevitable, little Drukhari. [pronounced "Drew-CAR-ee"]
Slaanesh is watching you with interest... [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
You think you could save yourself from the Dark Gods?
Too long you lived on borrowed time, your end is nigh!

Slaanesh shall feast!
You cannot escape She Who Thirsts!
How far the mighty have fallen...(gloating)
You desperately cling to your civilization, Eldar. Give in, and embrace oblivion.

Imperial Guard
A million lives ready to sacrifice themselves for their dead Emperor.
You walk into damnation. Perhaps it would be wise to desert?
We can offer you so much more than your current masters. Give in...
Submit, and we shall grant you true power...

You are just echoes, Necrons, we will silence you once and for all! [pronounced "Nec-krons"]
You have no sway over the warp, Necrons!
Your kind should have stayed buried!
Pathetic, you are but the echo of your former strength.

Greenskins! Khorne will be pleased! [pronounced "Corn"]
Are your twin gods watching, greenskins?
Your kind always manages to be a nuisance...
Dispose of these mindless animals!

Sisters of Battle
The most pious are often the easiest to corrupt.
Your prayers to the Anathema are in vain, Battle Sister.  [pronounced "E-na-the-mah"]
Your faith in the Anathema is misplaced.
Your god can offer you no salvation.

Space Marines
Space Marines... So easily tempted.
You shall make a worthy tribute to the gods!
You are blinded by your zeal, Space Marines. Let us help you see...
Your own god has forsaken you. Join us, and we will show you...

Your souls are so weak... Tau, but they'll suffice.
We are the absence of reason, we are the death of rationality, Tau.
Dispose of this waste so we can return to more relevant matters.
Tau! Worthless. Destroy them and move on.

Angry Marines
Khorne has no need for petty anger.
Of all the souls in the galaxy, yours are the... Sourest.

Black Dragons
A mutant is a mutant, no matter how noble you are.
And yet, they doubt your purity...

Black Templars
Hate! Hate for Khorne!
The righteous make fine tributes!

Blood Angels
Embrace the rage, come to Khorne!
Most sanguine of all? We shall see about that. [pronounced "San-guine"]

Blood Ravens
We know your secretsss.. Blood Ravens..
The taint is strong with you, Blood Ravens.

Carcharodon Astra
I can see your bloodlust...
You are predators of the void, but we are the predators of the soul.

Crimson Fists
How willing are you to murder, Crimson Fists?
More lambs to the slaughter.

Dark Angels
Unforgiven, unrepentant, damnation in their eyes!
No matter the zeal, sons of the Lion, it will not cure the stain on your souls!

No penance will save you from your fate!
Khorne spits on the skulls of executioners.

You banished us once... now we're back.
We are always with you... .Exorcists...

Fallen Angels
Your brothers worry for you, sons of the Lion.
The wayward sons of the Lion...

Flesh Tearers
Khorne is watching you with interest, sons of Sanguinius. [pronounced "Sang-win-ee-us"]
The blood you shed pleases Khorne, Flesh Tearers!

Imperial Fists
Do you want to know what happened to Dorn?
We are everywhere, no walls can hold us.

Iron Hands
Barely a soul left to speak of.
You cannot hide your fear, no matter how many prosthetics, sons of Manus.

You are damned, even Sanguinius would spit on you!
There will be no one left to lament for you!

Legion of the Damned
The puppets of the Corpse Emperor come to dance for us!
You are nothing but illusions! You are just souls waiting to be devoured!

Legio Custodes
The Anethema's own!
The gilded guard of the corpse Emperor!

Mantis Warriors
The winds of chaos care not whose bones they scour clean!
There will be no redemption for you!

Undignified lapdogs!
Lost in Tzeentch's schemes trickery, Minotaurs? [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]

We are the horror that comes after death.
Do not fear death, fear us!

Raven Guard
You cannot hide from us, sons of Corax. [pronounced "Core-ax"]
You cannot trick those who see everything.

Red Scorpions
Come, we will despoil your purity.
We will poison your souls, Red Scorpions.

Your emperor has forgotten you.
Temptation calls, Relictors.

Fire will consume you, sons of Vulcan.
Vulkan or not,the fires shall consume you!

Soul Drinkers
Would Dorn even remember you?
Your souls are ours to drink!

Space Wolves/13th Company
The Wolves of Fenris are here! [pronounced "Fen-ris"]
(daemonic howl)

Star Phantoms
Do you scorn your father, Star Phantoms?
Lion's blood beats within you... Yet you loathe your kin.

Storm Wardens
What is a chapter that cannot remember its past?
We are the storm you cannot bear!

There is no courage nor honour to be found here.
Another Calth awaits.

White Scars
Chogoris will burn! [pronounced "Cho-gor-iss"]
You cannot outrun fate.

Alpha Legion
Deceit and trickery worthy of Tzeench.
Alpharius means nothing to us.

Black Legion
Abaddon has no sway over us. [pronounced "ABBA-don"]
The Black Legion is just a puppet.

Blood Pact
Warriors of Khorne, be ready to test your might.
Bleed for Khorne, mortals!

Chaos Renegades
Puppets of Chaos, bow before your masters!
Mortal servants...Your souls will be our wine!

Death Guard
No more gifts for you.
Nurgle is displeased with you. [pronounced "Nur-ghoul"]

Emperors Children
Come, we will send your souls to Slaanesh!
Come, Children of Slaanesh! Show us what you're capable of!

Iron Warriors
You cannot steal your souls before us, sons of Perturabo. [pronounced "Per-tur-ah-bo"]
Iron Within, Rust without!

Night Lords
Do not trust the darkness, for we are it.
So blind to the truth, sons of Curze...

Red Corsairs
Pirates! Their malice is misplaced...
We will not entertain Huron's greed.

Thousand Sons
You will always be Tzeentch's puppets, sons of Magnus...
Tzeentch wishes to test his armies? So be it.

Traitor Guard
A traitors soul is half as sweet.
Taste the fruit of treachery.

World Eaters
Glory to Khorne, for we fight in his name!

Word Bearers
Did you really think you could control us, Word Bearer?
You still do not know with what powers you are toying with.

Adeptus Mechanicus
We are the ghosts in the machine, the malfunction, the scrap-code of the universe!
Flesh or metal, you are not beyond our reach!

Catachan will become ours, like Cadia before... [pronounced "Cat-ah-can"]
You have not met true beasts...

Death Korps of Kreig
Krieg... you'll feed Khorne all the same. [pronounced "Cree-g"]
Krieg is ours to keep.

Hell comes to Heaven.
They descend into doom.

Harakoni Warhawks
In the sky, on the ground, we are everywhere!
We will clip your wings!

Kanak Skull Takers
More beast than man.
Come, take skulls for Khorne!

Last Chancers/13th Penal Legion
These are lost souls already.
Your Emperor has damned you.

The little Mordians dare to challenge us?
Mordians... You'll make a fine addition to Slaanesh's collection...

PDF Guard
Your world will be devoured!
This will make a fine world for us!

You should have stayed in your Ork infested planet!
We are not mere greenskin, Praetorians... [pronounced "Pray-tor-e-ans"]

Steel Legions
We are not done with Armageddon yet!
Armageddon will burn!

Tallarn will learn what true hell is like! [pronounced "Tal-lar-an"]
Tallarn will bow!

Tanith First and Only
The First and last....
Tanith will never remember your name. [pronounced "Tan-ith"]

We are the cold that kills.
The Scions of the iced hell are here! [pronounced "Cy-ons"]

Once a heretic, always a heretic, Vostroyan. [pronounced "Vos-troy-ans"]
You will never escape your own damnation!

Cegorath's servants! [pronounced "Seh-gore-ath's"]
Slaanesh will have the last laugh.

Inquisition Daemonhunt / Ordo Malleus
Begone Exorcist from hence!
Have you found your daemons, Ordo Malleus? [pronounced "Or-doe Mal-e-us"]
You think you can stop the will of the Dark Gods? Foolishness!
Your efforts are for naught. You can not defeat us.

Witch Hunters / Ordo Hereticus
Where does your zeal lead you, witch hunter? Back to ussss...
Your prayers will go unanswered, witch hunters...

Deathwatch / Ordo Xenos
We are no alien, Inquisitor...
You loathe the alien and yet covet his strength...

Genestealer Cult
Your star-god will not save you, you are just the appetizer...
Your god will gnaw on your bones!

The swarm makes its appearance... a fog upon our realm
Come, sate your hunger, beasts, we'll rip your stomachs open.
Pests! You shall be crushed like the vermin you are!
The vermin from beyond the void must be annihilated.

It is time for blood games!
Chaos Divided!
Let us see who holds the favor of the Dark Gods.
The Dark Gods shall gaze upon us, and see who is worthy.

Tribute has arrived!
Slaanesh shall be pleased.
Tzeentch's plans come to fruition!
Their blood shall be Khorne's!
Nurgle bestows his gifts upon you!

Crush that monstrosity with ours!
We'll show them a true abomination.

A mere machine cannot destroy us.
Your tanks are nothing to us.


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