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Commandos 2 Destination Paris Mission Feedbacks

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#81 Buren

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Posted 26 November 2023 - 06:11 AM

416 XT16 Behind Enemy Lines 1 (Haibo152313 Lin Yu Tian)



Commandos: Sapper and then Driver joins

I believe I have played this mission before.

It's a nice simple mission, not too easy, not too difficult. Getting to the area of radio station is a bit harder as the sea patrol dan walking enemies leave no space to hide, except for one tiny spot. Once I found it, it's easy from there. 

Neutralize the walking enemies first, and then the sniper before the three officers. All snipers carry explosives.


Crossing the water need good timing as well, but there is a tiny safe spot behind the rock. The good things about this mission is you don't need to worry about alarm.

The task is to explode every building and radio station and escape. However, once you get to the last building, there will be invasion. Choose your spot (picture) and driver will appear at the Sapper's starting sport. 

There are boxes of machine gun ammunition and from my experience, this is going to be a difficult invasion as there are only two commandos and the hiding area can draw continuous enemies so there will hardly be time for reload, however, no! The enemy tank is very helpful, it is distracting enemies that run to confront the commandos, and also... it helps me kill a lot of enemies it's hillarious. It plows over groups of enemies, killing them that even the grenadiers treat the tank as enemy and try to blow it up. I only need to shoot probably twenty to thirty enemies because the tank is very helpful (picture). To escape, don't need to use the road, the truck can pass areas away from the tank through building.


Good mission.






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Posted 26 November 2023 - 06:29 AM

458 WL02 Town Rescue Prequel (CanghaiYisu...)


I don't know what mission creators keep doing this, but it's frustrating to me.

There are many mission with difficult or impossible start that make the missions unplayable for most player. Mission start with enemies running to the commandos and shooting them, not enough time to get to safe places, die of cold, etc etc. There are ways and of course the creators have successfully play the mission but from what I see from the player community (most think that even basic MoC is too hard), your missions won't get played most of the time because it's too difficult, too unpredictable, or too impossible. Of course I am just one of the players and you didn't make the missions for me, it's just a feedback.


I am frustrated because this seems like a mission I would love. A lot of enemies, diver (my favorite commandos) and he gets his knife at the beginning of the mission.

I cleared the first part, but keep failing when I climb upstairs. One time I managed to neutralize them all but almost dead, however, the timing was so tight, the interior is hard to see, there is one enemy I haven't tied yet and he woke up. I tried punching but kept hitting the wrong one, then he killed me. I tried again multiple times but most of the time the commando was killed, because:


- clear time is too short, when enemies look away after I climb. Even if I managed to get upstairs safely, the window time is too short, the interior is hard to navigate/see, and a lot of enemies are walking around, you'd get spotted quickly.

- a lot of bare-handed enemies, the ones I hate the most because their punches are more deadly than machine gun, which is ridiculous and something I dislike from the mod. There are four of them on top of two machine gunners, against one commando with one knife, bad interior and a lot of enemy movements.

- there is no way to bait the enemy safely

- only one knife and three bullets from killed officer. one more knife probably makes a lot of difference


it's possible as I almost did it once after a lot of tries, but commando in the brink of death and then failed because enemies woke up. After that, I can't repeat it. I tried a looot of times but have to give up because it's probably not worth it. I don't know if the scenario will all be ridiculous like this. There is a thin line between a game being enjoyable to stressful.


Too bad, it looks like an awesome mission. 





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#83 Buren

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Posted 26 November 2023 - 11:23 AM

234 M3 Loyalty and Betrayal (Haibo52313)


Commandos: Sapper, then Natasha and two more


I don't remember why I avoid this author's mission, probably because of many things.

So, I tried this.

It started of very well. Place to hide, reasonable progress, got resources. Rescue Natasha, get her clothes, clear the tunnel.

But it went downhill.


I understand that there is a risk of Driver and GB (who I suppose to rescue) can be shot.

There was a time when I did something (I think someone spotted Natasha) and the driver was shot. Okay, reasonable.


But then, since I didn't see how to progress, I bait the enemies with sapper at the starting point corner that I had cleared, and Sapper quickly ran away.

But he died mysteriously by machine gun, regardless where he ran, he died, shot. Couldn't see who shot him, definitely not the visible enemies.


Maybe this is another 'hidden enemy' thing, but yeah, no.

I don't want to waste time guessing mysterious hidden enemies that can be anywhere, especially when it's later in the game.

I can't read mind, unreasonable, ridiculous, and not fun.



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#84 Buren

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Posted 26 November 2023 - 02:50 PM

236 Q3 Hunt and Kill (Mengjulaosi & Lin Yu Tian)


The start is very good, GB rescues Sapper, Duke, get all the winter clothes, clear every areas except one, the only with Spy. 

But after talking to Spy (which is one of the objectives), in a while there is 'alarm, alarm' then someone would die. Sapper or Duke. 

They are already saved, enemies killed, nowhere else to proceed. 


Yeah, this is ridiculous. Not playing with missions with magic.

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Posted 26 November 2023 - 02:52 PM

Tianya's missions


Not a fan of mission with timer, but tried some, none is playable for me.

One mission start with short countdown, but no commandos to play, only a parachute, and nothing happens when I click, then suddenly a skeleton appear, a commando had died, not even sure which one. NOPE.

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