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Gentool 8.0 Bugs & New Options

gentool bug autoupdate suggest

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Posted 25 September 2020 - 09:44 PM

Hi dear developers.


There is 2 bugs and 3 options that i have to report and suggest.

+ 1 Request


  1. If there be civilian resource in a map, scores table will show wrong color and also we will miss the last player. i think the counter didn't expect that. as the picture : shot_20200926_001957_1.jpg
  2. [MDS]/Map hack detector/Stealth detector will get us wrong sometime when mouse locked on a bomb truck and it will change the skin and we still clicking for attack (Without Ctrl+Click). And sometime with Ctrl+Click detect it wrong too. (still didn't find how exactly.)


  1. Gentool Updater is good but please make an option in the cfg to it be completely OFF like it never check even the problems of the game (I know with C key during the cmd or one by one we can make the options =0 in the cfg but it is possible to we change the game crack or we install the game in GameNet so with propose we don't want to it even check it.)
  2. Sending an automatic Unique Message from Gentool to all players when match started. For free online players like Gameranger or etc, i think gentool can prove that he is exist by send a message like/by the chat inside the game, instead of uploading after the game. (+ And also i think it need option to be on/off)
    Like it can say : "[Player 1] Gentool 8.0 : It is 2020-05-12 12:46" (I Mean a long or unique message that a normal player can not type it fast exactly when match start and it send like public chat of the game during match.)
  3. Gentool Updater Increase replays listbox too while it change WindiwsZH.big


I don't know why when more than 6 player in a local network multiplayer join the lobby, everyone or one the users game will completely hang and need restarting game. so it will be almost impossible we play 8 players in a local network. is there any way? or can Gentool handle it too in feature?


Best regards.

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Posted 26 September 2020 - 07:05 AM

Hello. Thanks for the report. For Bug No. 2 I need a Replay file.

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