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Ironfoot-Era Dwarven Hero Ideas

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Posted 21 November 2020 - 03:59 AM

Suggestions for specifically the last two heroes of the Ironfoot-era, these changes may be conjecturally based as I haven't yet done all the testing to cement these ideas perfectly, but they look cool to me, and may prove useful for passing around potentially sweet ideas. I should also mention that the Oakenshield-era heroes are my metric here for Dwarven balancing so if that changes I'd be happy to alter it.


King Dain


Changes to "Last Stand"

-Last Stand, Level 1: King Dain gains splash damage and 50% armor, loses 15% speed.
-Last Stand, Level 5:  see "Remembered Might", 75% armor and 50% damage, loses 30% speed.
-Last Stand, Level 10: see "Remembered Might", King Dain gains 100% armor, 50% damage and knockback damage, loses 45% speed.


King Dain's last stand was a key story and development point of the character, I feel as if he would fight to the bitter end no matter what and the early inclusion of the spell makes it feel more thematic and fun.


New passive spell idea

-Remembered Might, Level 1: -20% attack speed and 20% slower.
-Remembered Might, Level 5:  King Dain permanently gains splash damage (previous debuffs are removed).
-Remembered Might, Level 10: King Dain permanently gains +15% attack speed, +15% damage, +15% armor and gains splash damage.


The goal of this passive would be to slow King Dain's level progression and make defending him a priority until he is sufficiently leveled to more properly defend himself against tougher foes. even higher xp requirements to level up could be good.


-King Under the Mountain: Reduce armor bonus from 100% to 50%

Consider giving the Immunity to Fear and Terror from "The Red Axe" to be as a passive to his leadership.


Although Dain is one of the most expensive heroes in game, this is largely a balancing decision to make room for his progression from pure support to a greater support-tank, with the following changes tailored so if his army retreats or is killed out from under him, he has atleast a fighting chance against whomever did so.


Thorin III Stonehelm


-Stonehelm/Keeper of the Stonehelm, Level 10: Thorin III dons the Stonehelm, terrible to behold. Thorin gains 100% armor and instills fear into enemies near him. Passive ability.


The frightening appearance Thorin III gains is awesome to see and it's a buzzkill when he takes it off so soon; also, the terror route currently is a bit much as the fleeing enemies spend precious buff time he needs to do damage from his abilities up on enemies who run in spite of the bodyblock mechanic and then return. balanced best if Thorin III has regular hero armor, as this boost gives him longevity and extra time to get hits in at the front line as a reward for reaching level 10.


-Sallying Vengeance, Level 7: Thorin III gains 75% damage.


Just a blade-master esque idea I had to fill out Thorin's power list and give Thorin III a momentary boost in lethality and also to make use of that awesome "Stonehelm" FX, especially when used in conjunction with Dwarven Grudge.


my reasoning behind some of these changes are to give Thorin III buffs specifically against medium-tier heroes and elite infantry, he gets chewed up really quickly by even undedicated support heroes at the moment and is a little squishy.



I have ideas similar like these for Brand and Gimli; but, they're less important and I first need feedback on if these are desirable.

Thank you so much for your work on this mod, I can't remember the last time I thought about a game so much, it really is a spectacular thing.

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