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C&C: Reloaded 2.2.0

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Posted 17 December 2020 - 05:08 PM

C&C: Reloaded 2.2 released with latest CnCNet support and tons of changes.

The most noticeable changes of this release are:
- Ares upgraded to the latest version 3.0.

- Added a new Yuri naval unit: Mini-Submarine. Early game unit for Yuri wich is capable to do Kamikaze attacks if emerges to the surface (deploy mode):


- Added a new secret unit for the civilian Tech Lab: Nod Reckoner. Is based from the unit in TW: Kane's Wrath but with small changes: It is a vehicle that deploys permanently into an infantry bunker. In vehicle mode it can't carry soldiers:


- Another secret unit for the civilian Tech Lab: Redeemer. A massive mech that shoot a powerful laser that split in multiple lasers when hits enemy vehicles. It has a pair of anti-air missile pods:


- Bounty game option (not game mode). When you kill enemies you receive money.
- Meteors game option. Every few minutes meteors fall randomly in the map. Can be combined with the Ion Storms game option.
- Helipads can be used to sell aircrafts like the Service Depots.
- Now 5 units can be queued at once when shift-clicking the sidebar icon.


It can be downloaded in the downloads section:

If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here:

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