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Question about AI credit budget

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Posted 31 December 2020 - 10:35 PM

Hey guys,


Just been messing with your mods XMLs like I have off and on again after all the years. Ive adjusted everything in the mod to my particular enjoyment, its good. Just a question about how to adjust the amount of credits the AI can spend. Lets take GFFA for example, Ive remade the scenario so its a classic E V R layout, and out of two test runs ive made it to week 90 with game lock ups. Now at first I thought this might have been due to unit movements on the AIs part as with your mod there are a bloody good amount of units the AI will constantly move around based on its Evaluations I assume. So what did I do, Locked all shipyards 4 and lower and only permit battleships to be built. And in this particular scenario I am following the amount of units the AI has based off of my own military size based off of the History tab and they do have about 60 percent of 7500 pop count. And the real kicker is the game runs real fine on my old mid rig since ive permitted the creation of less more expensive units. HOWEVER the AI still has 25 mil credits its got saved up. Now is that because im playing on HARD diff and thats the 10 % credit bonus stacking that they cannot spend ? ( which i find less likey) or can I increase credit expenditure via an evaluation some where in the config.meg, perhaps this one in particular?  DATA\XML\AI\PERCEPTUALEQUATIONS\AI_EQUATIONS_BUDGETS.XML Im guessing you all have a much better understanding of the exact value I should alter and in which direction. All in all i have a felling the game lock up is due to such a high credit count on their side. as it runs fine till they get to such a high amount. I could be wrong again but here we are trial and error testing a game like this ages later just bc we can and do enjoy it.


Lastly I appreciate anyone that swings by to read this. I found a discord Evil bob the bob I think his name is left like 2 years ago but it did not permit me to join it for whatever reason. THANK YOU !

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