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C&C Writing Project: Looking for Fellow Fans

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Posted 14 January 2021 - 12:29 PM

Hello all, just a very quick (shameless?) sharing post.


I've been writing up a fan project that attempts to bridge the gap between the Tiberium and Red Alert universes in a somewhat plausible manner. The major premise of this project, dubbed Tiberium Cruentus, is Kane's mission to achieve Ascension at any cost, including instigating major events from both universes, all of which will also serve as a means to accelerate humanity's technological growth to impede a possible Scrin invasion in the future.


The overarching plot is divided into a few "seasons", so to speak:


1. Chaos Theory is set four years after the events of Yuri's Revenge, where a new war escalates as the Psychic Army makes a sudden resurgence, while the Allied-Soviet alliance desperately attempts to stop them even as the alliance slowly begins to unravel.


2. The War of Broken Hearts is set some time after the events of Chaos Theory; the Soviet Union has fractured, and sociopolitical upheaval in the wake of its collapse has led to violence and genocide across Eastern Europe. The predecessor of the GDI takes part in restoring peace throughout the embattled region, while the fledgling Brotherhood of Nod also makes their own moves to consolidate its power for Kane's grand plans.


3. Tiberian Reign is a reimagining of the First Tiberium War, where GDI and Nod go head-to-head in a fiery conflict over tiberium and the fate of the world.


4. Tiberian Fallout takes place during the Second Tiberium War, where GDI races against the clock to save the world from the growing tiberium plague. Nod wages a civil war as Anton Slavik seeks to reunite the broken Brotherhood, while the Forgotten make their own advances to save their kind from extinction. As tensions escalate, Kane readies the World Altering Missile, while also preparing for the future.


5. Tiberian Chaos is an alternate take on the Firestorm Crisis; though Kane's plan was thwarted, he still lives on and instructs the Brotherhood to continue furthering his plans. For that to happen, Nod must claim the Tacitus, but not before CABAL unleashes his secret armies on an unsuspecting world. The primary directive: ultimate domination.


6. Tiberium Legacy is set during the Third Tiberium War, where Kane and his revitalized Brotherhood are on the cusp of crippling GDI once and for all. But even as Kane's plan unfolds, the sudden appearance of a massive Scrin war host - far larger than Kane had anticipated - complicates the Prophet's vision of the future.


7. Tiberium Apex is the conclusion of the Tiberium Cruentus saga, where the Tiberium Control Network is humanity's last hope for ridding itself of its tiberium affliction. But Kane is a cunning, conniving leader, and even as the flames of war rage anew, and the Scrin return to exact revenge for their defeat in the last war, one thing is certain: Ascension is finally at hand.


At the moment, the project's primary contributors are myself and two friends and fellow fans of the C&C series. Things are a little slow due to IRL responsibilities and a writer's block I'm going through, so I'm looking around for fellow fans from the community who might like to join us and discuss all sorts of stuff (lore, technology, what-if's, etc) regarding the project. I'm hoping that extra people can help bring about all sorts of interesting discussions, especially on topics that may not have been considered before. We can also have some games going, too; that will be fun!


The project is a hobby I work on irregularly, but I am nonetheless considering a possibility for a mod in the later future, once the major aspects of the project are set in stone.


If you're interested, you can find the invite link to the project's Discord server right here.


Looking forward to hearing from the community. Thanks and cheers!

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