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Additions to the hero creation and walls to all factions.

age of the ring hero

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#1 Aziria

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Posted 05 April 2021 - 12:51 PM

I wish to place my suggestion regarding the hero creation in the  BFME-Age of the ring. 


I would like to suggest adding more option and faction hero to the list. For example, Gondor, the dwarfs and the trolls got more armor and and weapon options. 


A question would be if it would be possible to add:


*Dolguldur hero class: armors, weapons, animations and model from the hero/unit list of Dolguldur.


*Greenwood elven hero class: armors, weapons, animations and model from the hero/unit list( would be cool if my hero had the crown of Thranduil or his weapons)


I know its a bit of a stretch, but having the option to chose armor and weapons from all regular/elite units would be awesome.


Another thing I would like to see implemented are walls to all the factions which has yet to be given.


Dolguldur: Having similar walls as the dwarfs(texture and models from Dolguldur) and have the option for the defense structure from the castle and the gate similar to Minath Morgul or black gate.


Gondor: Having walls similar to the dwarfs(texture and model from Gondor) and have the option for tower, catapult or gate options.


Greenwood elves: Similar walls as Rivendell, having same defense structure as their castle or defense tower.





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