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So what features/mechanics/abilities would you like in a New Commandos game?

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Posted 09 April 2021 - 12:22 AM

Can be for both a "classic" title like the RTS games as well as a Strike Force-style game, basically if it was announced a new commandos game was coming out soon, what you'd hope to see in it.


Classic Title:

A few new weapons, such as a Silenced Pistol like in Strike Force, would have incredibly limited ammo to balance it out, will instant kill on unalerted enemies but takes 3-4 shots if the enemy is alerted, a Shotgun that fires rapidly but does barely any damage at range and maybe a BAR as an allied counterpart to the STG44. (But still having limited ammo to balance it out.)


Re-balanced weapon ranges, (So weapons like Mounted Machine guns would actually be useful as it feels like you have to extremely go out of your way to use them as it currently stands.) combat should still be discouraged but not to the point where an officer with a Luger somehow has more range than the Sapper on an MG42, (Basically instead of the Commandos only being able to shoot at close range, have smarter/more dangerous enemies when engaging them in combat, maybe make it like Desperados 1 where Commandos/Enemies randomly miss and the further the distance the more often this happens.)


Maybe make Regular Grenades not instant and actually take a few seconds to explode after landing, would make enemy grenadiers less frustrating but also make the Sapper's grenades less of an "I win" button in combat. (and make Molotovs more useful.)


If the Commandos have more "standardized" abilities (such as C3 allowing all Commandos to throw grenades), make it so that the "original" commando is still better, The Driver for instance should be a better shot with regular rifles and the Sapper should be able to throw grenades much further than say, the Thief. 


Heavier use of Vehicles somewhat, C2 and especially C3 had much less use of vehicles compared to Behind Enemy Lines, (The Diver's inflatable boat is only used in a single secret mission In C2 but you heavily used it in the older games.) ideally the game would be somewhat lengthy and each vehicle would show up a minimum of two times.


Ability to pause but still give orders that'll be carried out after you unpause like in HellDorados/Desperados 3. (would make coordinating Commandos in Single player easier.)


Proper servers for MP. (Such as Steam Servers for the Steam version.)


Official Level Editor.




Strike Force-Style:


Missions using all 3 Commandos at once.


Basic AI and orders for the Commandos. (Tell them to attack enemies or not, as well as follow you/wait.)


Smarter Enemies capable of Throwing Grenades. (Since I don't think they ever actually throw grenades in Strike Force, at all.)


Make the Sniper able to use the SMG/Spy able to use regular rifles, they'd still be worse than them compared to the Green Beret though. 


Green Beret playable more often, (He wasn't playable much and only one of his levels even had stealth as an option.) such as a mission with the Green Beret and Spy, where the Spy's ability to attract attention (that's rarely used) is needed to give him an opening to take down enemies quietly.


Larger levels.


A regular melee attack for the Sniper/Spy.


More something I don't want changed, but keep the medkit system from the original and don't use regenerating health like most modern shooters.


Less "one-off" weapons, the Shotgun/M1 Garand are only in one level and the STG44 isn't even used by any enemies and can only be found hidden away in one mission, have these weapons be more common in the campaign, on a similar note, maybe use Vehicles more, I completely forgot you briefly get to use a boat due to how little it's used.

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