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The game has detected a mismatch...c&c zero hour..

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#1 MaixeZulu

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Posted 24 April 2021 - 03:19 AM

I cannot believe there is actually no solution to this problem its there lurking...
Ive had it in 5 minute games 30 minute games and even in 1.30hr games.
I tried online and lan. Game ranger and c&c online.
It is extremely fruastrating but does not happen everytime it seems completely random, some maps more than others but I cannot see a patent.

We set the game locally with friends lan party style and play together.
100mbit connection and 1000mbit of local connection.
All 3 local (players) machines are beefy gaming computers.

Yes I know the typical fixes for windows 10
*set ip in game..
*xp compatibility and admin..

I use send delay in the options, does not seem to work but neither did unchecking the box.
So far it seems the most stable is online through the c&c servers but it still happens ocasionally.

I wonder if somebody has actually narrowed down the cause any help is appreciated.

#2 ZF_Cervanthes

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Posted 26 April 2021 - 08:36 AM

If the game detects a mismatch something desynced it, there are a few reasons for that 

- a costum scripted map which is not really for multyplayer (weird events or changes on the map in the middle of the game or intro sequences)
- someone is tryng to use a trainer or another programm which messes with his game
- smol interent issues can desync a game 

Greetings from Germany!!! 

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