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Show Melee Damage Numbers

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#1 Helper01

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Posted 03 May 2021 - 12:24 AM

I think it would be a good idea to show melee damage numbers for each unit, just as each unit's health, cost, and CP amount are displayed. It's good to have that at the ready for reference, especially for comparison between the vanilla game and AOTR--at least insofar as equivalent units are concerned, such as the beginning game units for Gondor and Mordor. 

#2 Mathijs


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Posted 08 May 2021 - 08:41 PM

That's not going to happen. There's too many different damage types whose numbers change depending on the enemy. There's no way to accurately reflect them in a string.

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#3 Helper01

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Posted 09 May 2021 - 10:55 PM

That makes sense in light of the recently discovered (for me) Armour Set list. I hadn't noticed it before (or at least hadn't understood it's importance), but given that as revealing the heavy asymmetry of this game's mechanics, it makes a lot of sense to not show it in-game. So, any chance of grabbing up some volunteers for showing an exhaustive list on the wiki to supplement the Armour Set list a bit more? I realize you have percentage numbers in the Armour Set list for how much damage units and structures can prevent, but to see it in conjunction with unit and structure damage numbers would be that much more helpful. It'd take some dedicated folks who love numbers!

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