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Additional Persistent Game Mechanics In WOTR Mode

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#1 lonkipt

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Posted 23 August 2021 - 08:58 PM

Is it possible and feasible to implement more persistent gameplay mechanics to the WOTR mode than just persistent units? What about persistent damage in the WOTR mode for both units and structures, along with persistent base building, leveling up, etc? Or especially the Ring Hero! To be able to use a Ring Hero, so hard to get  in the first place, in the overhead map would be such a gamechanger! And it would feel incredibly rewarding for such hard work. The WOTR mode is quite fun as is, but certainly one of its pitfalls is the inability to maintain upgrades you bought and bases you just built and defended in real-time when battle happens again in the same area--and especially the inability to retain your hard fought-for Ring hero. The current repetition of having to go through the motions of doing it all over again can be tedious, and can be a real punch to the gut for all the hard work that would go into it against a good player--only to be lost upon retaliation.

#2 Thranduil_King

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Posted 15 September 2021 - 05:16 AM

I totally agree with this, in a few days I will be publishing some recommendations and observations about this game mode. I think that playing in WotR is too entertaining and with a lot of potential for a complete Rework.

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