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Map Editor Frustration (unable to place decals at specific location)

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#1 Melancholic

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Posted 01 September 2021 - 03:05 AM



I've encountered a weird problem in the map editor I've never seen before. There's a specific point on my map where I can't place any decals. Clicking to place one at this location instead places it at the center of the map (default coordinates, I guess). Placing a decal anywhere else and dragging it to the intended location works visually but the new position isn't saved with the map so the decal will have moved back to the center the next time the map is loaded (presumably also in the game proper). The editor is treating this spot as if it's an invalid location for decals, somehow. I don't think something like that is even supposed to exist.


Poking it with the heightmap tool to try and change this weird property of the terrain didn't work.

Saving the map in AdvancedMapEditor instead didn't magically fix everything.


What can I do, besides starting over and praying this doesn't happen again?



It was the grid. Disabling "snap to grid" and placing the decal manually allowed it to be (and stay) where it needs to be. Still: what the hell?

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#2 Kasrkin84


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Posted 04 September 2021 - 02:58 PM

Yeah, this is a weird bug, but not difficult to get around. It happens when you try to place a decal exactly on one of the diagonals that run from corner to corner across the centre of the map. It can be fixed by switching off "snap to grid" and moving the decal even a single pixel in any direction. Just so long as the X and Z coordinates of the decal aren't exactly the same afterwards, you're ok.


This is also why I find it's a good idea to leave the very centre of the map clear of decals and objects until the very end, so that you can easily see when this has happened.

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