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Bugs and observations for Skirmish and WotR mode 7.1

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#1 Thranduil_King

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Posted 16 September 2021 - 06:22 AM

I've been playing the mod for several weeks, and I'd like to start some bugs that I noticed from the mod related to WotR and playing Skirmish as well.
Gondor: Forlong cannot be resurrected upon death in real time.
Rohan: Once again, the Helmingas Warriors unit has a bug when mounting and dismounting, once it occurred to me that I mounted them and they stuck, they could only move, and worse, they did it very slowly, nothing else happened. But this does not always happen, however for me this unit has always had bugs.
Rivendell: It seems that the buff from "Andúril, Flame of the West" has no effect on Aragorn.
Woodland Realm: This is not a bug, but I really need to repeat it, this faction has a big disadvantage with respect to the heavy armor upgrade, that only Thranduil can give heavy armor in this mode is a big disadvantage for obvious reasons.
Isengard and Dol Guldur: All heroes of these factions cannot be resurrected during the match if they die in that match in real time.
* All factions have a bug, related to limited heroic and semi-heroic units, the limit does not exist, which allows you to do without control the amount you want in living world, I also seem to remember you can recruiting Mounted Kingsguard in real time.
Postscript: Write some very useful observations and suggestions at this link:
1) The AI ​​doesn't know what the hell to do with the ring in DG, the unit that caught the ring just stays near its city without doing anything else, it doesn't even leave the ring inside the fortress and I'm think with Isengard, the AI does not use Saruman of many colors correctly.
2) I have observed that factions like WR and Erebor are factions that even in Death match, the AI ​​is very easy to invade, I have played several games choosing many different factions, in all against all, Erebor always loses first, and it seems that WR is not as aggressive and strong as other factions, it does not seem to attack en masse.

#2 Nerevar42

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Posted 16 September 2021 - 04:31 PM

The only subject in which I'm experienced enough with the game to talk about it is the last : I completely agree on the fact that Erebor and WR get shishkebabed by other AIs no matter the level of difficulty, at equal levels of course. MM, in comparison, can beat by itself a lot of other Soldier AIs in a 1v1 match even if put at Peasant level.


This is probably due, though, to the quite unfixable problem of the AI rushing specific targets without reconsidering its attention on something else during the travel, and also the problem of the AI being dumb overall because of many other similar tolls. Considering the "hit and run" WR tactic and the "slow but resilient units" Erebor tactic, it is quite obvious that these don't fit very well with the aforementioned dumbiness. In comparison, again, MM just applies the "press goblin to win" tactic and uses its Wyrms way better than Erebor uses its carts.


The game has been heavily modified to make it more interesting (diverse gameplays), but it also means that the old AI is still heavily limited to a bunch of rush tactics that do not help to handle an innovative strategy that came up with a new faction. We can't really have all of this work together, I guess, until another LOTR RTS is out, AOTR modders can't change the core of the game.

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