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RA3: Help connecting with two PCs on the same LAN

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Posted 05 May 2022 - 12:12 AM



I am on Windows 10 on both PCs with the Ultimate Collection on both each with a valid license I bought.  Both computers can play campaign and skirmish games.


I was able to play RA3 in coop with my friend through internet but I am having problem playing with my son on my LAN.  Both Network and Online (through C&C online) have issues.  Network I cannot see the other player.  Online I can see the players and each can host and join the other game but I get the Error connecting 1-2 problem when launching.


I tried the common solutions:

Solution 1: Not applicable since I bought two "The Ultimate Collection bundle".
Solution 2: Not applicable for RA3.
Solution 3: I can play with my friend on the internet so I have no firewall issue with C&C:Online.
Solution 4: I am using my LAN IP (192.168.x.x) in Network settings.  I am not using Hamachi, Tunngle or similar services.
Solution 5aNot applicable for RA3.

Solution 5b: Tried this but it does not help.

Solution 6: I don't want to reduce my LAN security by opening DMZ.


Another post suggested using a VPN:

Solution 7: I also tried ProtonVPN one the game hosting PC and that did not help either.  I am getting the Error connecting 1-2 message.


Is there a way to troubleshoot this?  I could not find any logs with detailed error.  Anyone can tell me where they are?

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Posted 10 May 2022 - 07:01 PM

alternatively, another thing you can try is downloading an ipv4 supporting vpn like windscribe free vpn https://windscribe.com/ for which you should then create and verify your account. Once it’s installed you should have a little windscribe window on your desktop, open it and in the upper left corner you should see 3 stripes, click them, and then locate the debug menu where you should find a switch called Ipv6 which you shouldn’t touch yet as windscribe underwent an update and therefore this guide needs some work, by default Ipv6 is turned on however we want to turn it off which will require a pc restart, after the restart  windscribe should pop up automatically and to get it working with the game do the following:

1. make sure that NOTHING is draining data in the background (with a verified windscribe account you get 10GB of data monthly for free which is sufficient for just playing the game)

2. activate windscribe and wait until it’s connected, as soon as it is you can check again if anything is draining data

3. launch the game

4. in the game’s main menu go to options -> settings -> network

5. change your online and lan ip to the second available option (that starts with 10 or the one that does not match any of your ips that you might have been using with Hamachi or something)

6. connect to generals/kw/ra3 online (note that it can take a few tries until the game will let you connect)

7. start a match with your mate and see if it works

8. if it doesn’t work then try to change host and change who is using windscribe (for example you use windscribe and he doesnt but if it won’t connect then he should try using windscribe and you should disable it)

9. in some cases it can change who needs to use it over time, sometimes even both players need it

For any questions etc. ping me

Me? ha! I'm just your average Tech Support doing stuff for the CNC Community but as you are reading this here anyway, let me give you more to read. 

Foremost, if you need to reach me quickly here DM me on Discord Cervanthes#3136   CNC:Online also has their own Official Support Discord where you can get help in Real Time. 

I do some developing here and there and have my hands in too much stuff ranging from Game development to Work on Anti scam and phish Systems and Manage Systems and communities as a hobby. 

My Stuff is run and powered by some pretty pog peeps over at Constructive Tyranny and the living Legend himself HostEZ

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