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Commandos 3 - HD Remaster announced

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#1 herbert3000


    Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Posted 17 June 2022 - 09:41 PM


  • release date: expected to be released in September 2022
  • developed by: Raylight Games (and not by Yippee! Entertainment who made C2HD)
    Raylight already worked on C2HD, on their website it says:
    "Task: Swith [sic], Mac OS, Linux porting. Project rescue on Ps4 and XboxOne"
  • multiplayer: 'Deathmatch' and 'Collect the Flag' mode for 2-8 players, all with distinct victory conditions
    apparently no Co-Op
  • platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 (upward compatible with PS5), Xbox One (upward compatible with Xbox Series X|S)
  • keyboard shortcuts for each weapon, item, and ability
    fully customizable keyboard/mouse/gamepad layout for PC
  • censorship: nazi symbols can be enabled/disabled by the player (according to a developer at the Steam forum)


it looks like they finally fixed the faces of our beloved Commandos characters :shiftee2:


#2 Felo

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Posted 20 June 2022 - 01:08 PM

I wonder who actually buys these remasters, they seem kinda pointless. I am actually surprised they decided to remaster C3 after a shitty C2 remaster. I am sick of remasters that are actually worse than the original games... I just cannot comprehand who decides that this is what they should do with the games.

#3 AndrewT

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Posted 24 June 2022 - 01:25 PM

The least to say it's a controversial decision. On one hand the locked 800x600 resolution of Commandos 3 is not for today's displays and systems (but there are obviously ways to play those missions under the same HD Project umbrella @stankan was kind enough to share with the community). Unfortunately on the other hand the game itself was a massive step back from, and lacking the heart of Commandos 2 without the creatives of the previous episodes, especially Gonzo Suarez and Jon Beltran. Combined with a lower production quality all this resulted in something that should not have been considered any more than a mappack for C2, and certainly not a full sequel. It wasn't a weak game overall, but it was a weak Commandos. Yippee! is out of the picture, but I'm not convinced that Raylight Games will do any better, with their only other PC title Deer Hunt Legends from 2015 receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews, that's certainly not a promising prospect. Other than that, it doesn't really matter how many more polygons the revised models consist of, the average player won't notice anything from the bird's eye view the game is meant to be played, and if they decide to zoom in after all, an extremely low quality, blurry and pixelated bitmap will stare back that is stretched onto the ground almost untouched, meanwhile @herbert3000 you demonstrated that with an appropriate upscaling engine, really eyepleasing results can be achieved. The game's steam page lists it as an Online Co-Op game too, but I also have the feeling that it only refers to the otherwise alien-to-the-genre team deathmatches, and not the option to play through the single player missions cooperatively. Considering all this, I don't see how this project could turn out positive, but I wouldn't mind to be surprised positively for once...

#4 herbert3000


    Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Posted 25 June 2022 - 05:08 PM

Some screenshot from the HD remaster and the original game for comparison:


Screenshot (615).png


Screenshot (625).png


Screenshot (621).png


Screenshot (626).png

#5 Felo

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Posted 28 June 2022 - 08:32 AM

What the hell.


I actually think the original looks better... I see no difference in terrain, and the new models look plain awful. The only real difference is the widescreen support but that can also be done in the original game...


Honestly, once again, I see no point in these remasters... they should have just release a patch that adds widescreen support and make it easily playable on w10 and w11. I think if they really would like to do something interestin they should have combine all 3 games into C2 engine at least... Instead they completely skipped C1 which probably needs the remastering the most.


I don't understand this...

#6 extrano1955


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Posted 28 June 2022 - 09:41 PM

Original comm3 was underrated because missing hotkeys and missing coop. They only fixex hotkeys. The original comm3 faces still better than c2 or c3 hd remaster. I like the zoomed interiors in the trailer.

Im not sure how to feel, a new commandos game was my dream from years and the c2 hd remaster was worse than the original. In another hand, I would feel very stupid If the company get rich releasing a new game while I was keeping the game alive for free...

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