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WR Feredir creeping ability.

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#1 Anterias

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Posted 20 June 2022 - 10:28 PM

Hello, is the Feredir getting looked at for his ability to capture an inn then kill the troll and clear the structure with Kin Lai spears? This costs you 550 resources (150 fere+400 kin lai total but  unlocks the map for you nicely + gives you early spears+ gives a huge amount of resources and no other faction in the game can match this type of clear. Nobody can clear a troll lair so fast but WR can for a measely 550 resources or less if they send in daggers to clear it instead of Kin Lai, which is feasible since Trolls respawn slow. I am aware Gondor and Rohan can attempt something similar with their Mer/Pip and stealth, but those two can't solo a troll as easily as a Feredir can.


I've tried countering this when it's used against me but it's not easy to know which Troll Lair they would clear (usually 2 inns on the 1v1 maps)  and you have to fight over the treasure when you do get it right. Perhaps a Feredir cost increase or removing his ability to capture inns with his stealth like he is currently doing would be a nice nerf, so the player would be forced to kill the troll first with Feredir then capture.

#2 Mex_Flaxtz

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Posted 09 July 2022 - 04:48 PM

Shit thing of WR is its speed+good archers, with mordor u cant really play vs WR whatever u do, i tested the matchup many many times and would send many replays if u ask me to. 

#3 Wert_eh

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Posted 10 July 2022 - 04:00 PM

i dont think merry or pippin can creep a troll. range is too short so troll attacks them, and damage is too low so it takes a lot of time and controling.

regarding mordor vs WR, big menace is woodsmen rush. mordor cannot deal with it, any orc unit that comes out dies to woodsmen and farms get deleted in seconds. usuall solution to that would be starting with cav, but mordor cant. nazgul is much slower to get, by the time he gets out mordor is guaranteed to get almost all of its eco deleted, while wr eco is unscatered. 

considering gorbag gets buffed so mordor suffers less from heroes, while woodsmen and slows get nerfed, it should be decent. still annoying to deal with but playable

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