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Oakensheild heroes, primarily Thorin


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#1 Wert_eh

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Posted 29 June 2022 - 08:51 PM



So, Thorin, in short, thorin trash for his cost. His abilities are way worse than those of King Dain, and sometimes worse than "similarish" of some other cheaper heroes.

Maybe, maybe he is supposed to be like glorfindel, aka "duelist" but he isnt. Also, king dain has knockback on attack, Thorin doesnt have anything.


His lvl1, his leadership, +25% armour and fear ressist.  Its a bit of joke, dain one is +75% armour, Bolg one is +50% armour for example.


Lvl3, debuff, reduces armour and removes leadership. Its nice,   but king dain counterpart is both better as debuff, while also having buff effect. overall decent, but can be better.


lvl5, blademaster effect, by itself stat increase is big, but whats the point?  To kill heroes? oakensheild is full of both cheaper, better and safer ways to do that. To make him tankier? unimportant cause he he has no splash, his leadership is almost a joke. He will be one of last priorities to focus. 


his lvl7 ability refresher and a heal. nothing to say about it, its good, even great. King dain has exact-same ability. 


his lvl10, big aoe armour buff and few other things and allows thorin to trample. Not bad, but not exactly impressive for lvl10 of most expensive faction hero. Cannot say i had the chance to get thorin lvvl10 and use it that much, maybe once or twice, but sounds and feels meh.


Overall, Thorin is much worse of a support than king dain, (also ironfoot has thorin 3 for even more support, but whatever), Thorin isnt good/usefull in melee. All his abilities except one(refresher) range from mediocore to bad for his cost.

Between having thorin and dwalin id always prefer dwalin (although gimli is better than dwalin in everything, but thats more of gimli being a bit too good).


i suggest to give thorin hefty splash damage, similar to dwalin. maybe bind splash damage to his blademaster ability and move it to lower level, similar to bolg. His lvl10 and lvl3 can be buffed  a bit with some additional minor effect. That will leave oakensheild with 2 splash melee heroes being thorin and dwalin (also there is lord dain with small splash), which will create dynamic of oakensheild heroes being more melee orentied compared to Ironfoot more supportive ones.




Minor thing, Balin and Gloin. they both take the role of cheap support heroes.

But Gloin is both better and cheaper. gloin is 1200, balin is 1600. Balin is primarily needed to plant his moria flag to buff and slowly heal. Gloin is needed for the heal. But gloin has heal at lvl1, while balin gets his flag at lvl5. and balin's flag isnt really better than gloin's heal. i suggest to move balins flag ability to lower level,like lvl3-4 to make him easier and faster to get use from. 1600 isnt exactly cheap to be "future investment".




Also, more of a generalistic thing of dwarves, Bird hero is too good. and in unfun way if anything op can be fun. its level increase ability makes already strong dwarven units even stronger, it is greatly amplified by dwarven archers lvl3 ability.

With some time you can get respectable amount of dwarven archers lvl3 or higher, like 3-5 units. with their ability popped they knockback half the army, including cavalry. obviously it really strong.

Also, its lvl5 cav summon. By itslef its just bad design. dropping elite cav anywhere on the map by stealthed flying hero. It can trample entire army by itself. and cooldwon of that power is rather short. It makes beerwagons kinda useless too.

also, im not sure about ironfoot dale cavalry, but oakensheild ram riders cav summon from bird has crazily small deceleration. I had lost half a unit of them to spear but 4 models left were able to trample almost 2 archer units, and then turn around and do that again.

overall that requires obscene amount of spears to save your army from being trampled every time by free summon.

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#2 Mex_Flaxtz

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Posted 09 July 2022 - 04:38 PM

Hi, i totally agree with bird being way too strong.  Experience is a hard thing to deal with and u can get an elite cav unit wherever u want, as their hp is decent and their trampling slowdown is way too low. 

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