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Stronger and weaker factions (Pro opinions welcome)

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#1 Mex_Flaxtz

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Posted 02 August 2022 - 01:52 AM

This is a topic i wanna open as im not expert enough of all the factions but i wanna know other opinions as its interesting for me. 


The topic is that i have the feeling that some factions are much stronger than others, in general (not talking about difficulty of using them well but about what they offer if used well).



My personal order and reasons would be the next ones:


1 - Gondor:     + Faramir and Boromir combo op, rebuild is broken, 10pp catapult same, statues, swan...

                         Not a clear disadvantage


2 - Rivendel:   + Aragorn and elite archers never die, cav is strong, upgrades hardly op, statues same

                         - Not a clear disadvantage, early game is strong due to cav and dunedain lv 1 building


3 - Isengard:   + Axes, Wulfgar and dunledings are too strong

                         - Uruks blocked, bad early pikes


4 - Erebor:       + Birds and archer heroes op (Bard and Brand), good units and heroes late game

                          - Lack of normal cav, wagons cant deal elite archers


5 - Misty:          + Wind op, gobbo spam is hard vs many factions if done well

                          - Weak units and u depend on wind and other powers too much, cant deal some armies late


6 - WR:             +Too strong vs factions with no normal cav, fast units with high dmg too, slow downs op

                          - Early game weak vs cav


7 - Lorien:          - Just Lorien... jajaja, i hate lorien


8 - Mordor:        + Industry gives u money to tech up

                            - No normal cav, anything is blocked or very blocked, orcs and trolls are bad, cant deal some                                armies late, no way to deal strong heroes...


9 - Rohan:         + U can do well with peasants if u play smart

                             -  Horses are the easiest unit to counter, rohan cant deal some elite units or lderships


I dont have an opinion of Dol Guldur for now and Im not sure if i would put misty higher but rest are ok here, i would like u to write ur opinion if u are good player as its clear for me there are factions much stronger than others and wanna know more about it.

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