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Gondor problems

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#1 Mex_Flaxtz

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Posted 03 August 2022 - 08:22 PM

Hi, as i opened the "more subjective topic" about stronger or weaker factions i would like now to clarify what i see too strong from the faction i located number one in my personal list. I will open some few problematic points:


- Boromir: He alone lv 5 can make an army +66% dmg + 33% armour and +20% speed in a battle, its too too much already having the stun and a ranged attack to deal heroes better. Just imagine a battle mid game only using the active buff having some anorien, even if u are not stunned u cant run away as they get fasted that u. Now imagine it chilling near a statue, its potentially +99% dmg + 66% armour and +20% speed, something unvincible without things such a balrog or a late late game rivendelĀ“s army.


- Trebuchet from spellbook: Its effect vs army isnt a big problem, it makes u win the battle if similar armies but most 10pp do that so its ok, however if its casted on an offensive place it can take 2 barracks and a lv 3 farm being a 10 pp. Using infantry as meatshields and with the armour and hp the trebuchet has its many times able to cause an quite big structural damage that most times is hard to revert.


- Faramir's arrow volley: Its a huge range, fast reload and big atack radius high dmg power since he is lv5. As an example of its strength it removes 320hp of the 350hp black uruks have, being a decent swordmen unit. The X thing depends too much of host and its range and ease to be casted + the chance to cast it on boromir stun late game makes it something quite unbalanced, specially vs spam factions. Its also a hero pretty easy to lv up until lv 5.


- Elessar: Its the fact to put permanently something that cannot be killed "well". Its basic stats, powers and passives are just amazing having heal in the faction too. I know its a 25 power but unlike the other 25 powers u can never recover from it unless gondor is already dead when casted. He needs to get a timer for sure.


- Rebuild: Early-mid game its an ok power but late game it makes it horrible to take lv 3 farms or important structures such as the market, or even the fort. This many times suposses u have to deal army first to be able to push important buildings so as not to feed too many pps, something quite quite hard for factions such as misty or mordor having the balance problems mentioned. 

#2 kmogon

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Posted 13 August 2022 - 01:10 PM

Most of those points I hear and see first time about. Boromir is decent hero but was never called op by anyone, pro players included and I don't see why he with Faramir would create such game breaking combo. Elessar as well while he is game changing , he should be considering he is tier 4 spell after all. He still can be taken down, for example by other tier 4 spells or even tier 3 ones, so he is definitely counterable. Rest of those points we are actively looking at.

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