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My Connection issues

connection issues

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#1 ForgottenLord04

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Posted 23 September 2022 - 02:35 PM

Hello. to anyone who can answer this, I thought I'd just list out the problem and solutions I've tried to see if anyone can help me resolve my connection issues.


I've downloaded the CNC online launcher to play Kane's Wrath. I am able to log into the online servers and join a game. But this is where the issue starts.

1. Hosts say I have no connection and I notice the red disconnection sign as well. I have an active VPN currently off the Command Post application called Space VPN that I use.

2. I've restarted CNC KW and re-logged in to see if that would help. But the same issue continues to occur.

3. I don't know what a demilitarised zone (DMZ) is and how it would help.

4. I don't understand anything much around the port forwarding. All I've understood is that the public game server and my own must have the same digits at the end past the last separation ( . , ; : ) but I could be wrong.

5. I can join a game and converse with the players, but they cannot start the game because I have no connection.

*Up to date issues on the other thread... *

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#2 ImperatorBellus

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Posted 23 September 2022 - 03:17 PM

Turn off Windows firewall. 

#3 Memoriam

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Posted 19 October 2022 - 01:12 PM

The same problem, there is a connection, but the host shows as if I have no connection, a red circle. At the same time, I have a display that the connection quality is good.

Turnштп off Windows firewall not help.

#4 Cervanthes


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Posted 29 October 2022 - 12:54 PM

usually we recommended Windscribe VPN for these things  im not sure which VPN CP offers and if it isnt just used for network emulation ennieway  windscribe has been a bit tricky lately so i recommend trying out windscribe with my guide https://gist.github....fd0fa2ba48276fe  or you give privado a shot which is also a VPN provider we are currently working on dealing with the situation that the change from windscribe caused us  so we are sorry for any inconviences

Me? ha! I'm just your average Tech Support doing stuff for the CNC Community but as you are reading this here anyway, let me give you more to read.

Foremost, if you need to reach me quickly here DM me on Discord Cervanthes#3136 CNC:Online also has their own Official Support Discord where you can get help in Real Time.

I do some developing here and there and have my hands in too much stuff ranging from Game development to Work on Anti scam and phish Systems and Manage Systems and communities as a hobby.

My Stuff is run and powered by some pretty pog peeps over at Constructive Tyranny and the living Legend himself HostEZ

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