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Hero Powers' Recharge Times

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#1 FlameoftheWest

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Posted 21 November 2022 - 09:15 PM

Hello Guys,

This is gonna be a very short topic. I think the following powers have an unfair recharge time (they're too short) compared to what they give, either they are single or aoe dmg dealer, cripple, debuff etc. I only know about one that is already taken care of, I would be greatful if you guys could take a look at these.

-Bard's Black Arrow of Dale (already taking care of)
-Brand's Black Arrow of Dale
-Rumil's Mallorn Shaft
-Legolas' Twin Arrows
-Eomer's Spear Throw
-Fili's Hidden Blade
-Lurtz's Cripple
-Gimli's Axe Throw
-Lug's Head Hunter
-Sharku's Man Eater (tho it's melee)
-Feren's Shield Bash (tho it's melee)
-Idrial's Fliud Strike (tho it's melee)
-Urshak's Fell Winter
-Necromancer's Abhorred Dread
-Gimli's Nobody Tosses a Dwarf
-Brand's Mark of the Thrush

Thank you in advance!

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#2 Wert_eh

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Posted 23 November 2022 - 02:38 PM

gonna jump on that accusation train and accuse:


Boromir's knife throw (has ranged splash)

Faramir's Arrow volley at lvl5. (too short for "press X or die with half an army" from 2k hero)

also there is Faramir's arrow ability, same short CD as B's knife throw, but wont accuse it cause idk if CD there is that important.

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