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Damage displayed (Dark Crusade)

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#1 OdysseusM

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Posted 22 November 2022 - 03:46 PM



I've been using Corsix for about 2 weeks now so i can fix encountered bugs seen in game. Fun to do for simple stuff but seems way more complex in the strongholds scenarios files :smile2ap:

Anyway, i've noticed that some damage are not properly displayed and would like to know if it is fixable?


For exemple, the chaos_power_sword_lord and chaos_manreaper damage upgrade gets properly displayed and updated when the "Commander Health 1 & 2" are completed, same when "Daemon Strength" is activated, but the chaos_accursed_crozius display is bugged, right at the start of a game. It displays 150 - 225 dmg (i think) even though the crozius has like 500 base DMG and researches/ability don't affect the display.


Any ideas?




P.S: I searched the forum and found no topic about that issue. Sorry if it's a double.

#2 Moreartillery

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Posted 26 November 2022 - 06:45 AM

I think it displays damage per second, not damage per hit.

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#3 OdysseusM

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Posted 26 November 2022 - 04:33 PM

Hey More, thank you for participating to the topic :D


Yeah, the damage displayed is per second. It doesn't explain those numbers displayed, though.


Here is a concrete exemple:


In Corsix, i can see the chaos Sorcerer basic pistol stats are:


- Damage(min value / max value): 12.7 / 15.5

- Accuracy: 85%

- Reload time: 0.8s


The damage displayed in game is 15 - 20 for his ranged attacks.


Now, the upgraded pistol version, the plasma pistol:


- Damage: 151.9 / 193.4

- Accuracy: 65%

- Reload time: 1s


And the damage displayed in game after the upgrade is ... still 15 - 20.

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