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Does MO 2.0 work with the TFD version of RA2/YR?

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#1 Lebber

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Posted 18 January 2023 - 07:24 AM

As per title. I'm having trouble installing the original non-ARES version of 2.0. I've done a clean install of RA2 and YR via TFD. No community patch.


I can install NPatch 22 (both the one included with the ModDB download of MO 2.0 and the one from the NPatch page) no problem. When I launch vanilla YR afterwards, I get the new splash screen and campaign select menu i.e. the stuff that's supposed to show up with the patch installed.


However, as soon as I start MO via the launcher, it's like the patch was never applied. No campaign select menu, no Epsilon factions or China available on skirmish. I tried launching the mod without NPSE being installed, and it's the same. It's like the patch disappears once I actually launch the game.


Does the mod not work with the TFD version? I should note that I have other installs of RA2/YR, but the launcher is in one specific RA2/YR folder. Is there a chance it could launch the mod from a different folder?

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