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I need help about ini files.

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Posted 18 January 2023 - 10:54 AM

Hello there,

I have been inspecting bfme 2's ini files and I lack the required skills for coding. My aim is to seek answers for my questions. From here on out I will talk about bfme 2 version 1.0. I wonder if one can inform me about CAH's (Captain of Gondor) spear throw.

My first question is how can it be so strong? I mean I tried his/her spear throw and I found that his spear throw is supposed to deal totally(at lvl3 upgrade) 3k hero dmg however he/she actually does not deal such amount. The actual damage ouput is (without blademaster and glarious charge) 9k ?? How is this possible can someone explain? What's wrong with codes I don't get it and when you use blademaster the damage output will be like: 18k dmg which means it can kill Sauron since Sauron takes 100. dmg from hero type.

Furthermore when you use blademaster+glarious charge it will deal something like: 18000+9000: 27000 hero damage?? Summoned dragon has 20000 hp and it has 75. hero dmg resistance. In that case spearthrow with blademaster and glarious charge would instantly kill the summoned dragon with the damage output of 27000x .75: 20250. I know in RotWK they fixed this issue but I actually want to see where the codes had failed in 1.0 version.


My second question is: each faction has naturally lots of siege equipments and one of them is trebuchet. Well the very reason why I chose trebuchet is it is different from other catapult types , for example, I tried it in world editor and while dwarven or mordor catapult's projectile lands on any horde's head it immediately pulls them over however that projectile does not deal damage around that specific horde's surronding units. When trebuchet launches its projectile it lands but with one exception that is it kills the surrounding hordes too without pulling them over to the ground. I mean what's the difference between trebuchet and the rest of the siege weapons. By the way only trebuchet has this effect and in Bfme 1 trebuchet had no such abilities. Besides the most weirdest thing is when you upgrade your trebuchet it literally loses this ability. When fiery projectile lands, it does not kill surronding hordes and it doesn't even kill that specific horde it lands on but instead it kills 3 or 4 single units. I don't get it.

If someone can explain these questions I would be happy.

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