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Immediately grant ring heros - multiple ring heroes?

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Posted 24 May 2023 - 06:17 AM



I'm simply trying to grant my friend and myself ring heroes as soon as the match starts (in this case, AOTR mod, Smaug for Misty Mountains and Sauron for Mordor).


I've tried adding multiple Gollum spawn scripts (to get two rings) but it seems only one will spawn at the player 1 spawn location I set (maybe because I was testing in skirmish by myself and AI player 2 isn't a "player" so that Gollum won't spawn?).


I also tried adding a script that immediately grants upgrade ring hero and upgrade ring hero fortress (in both orders) as soon as the match starts for player 1 and 2. I hear the audio queue that we have "captured the ring" but I can't build the ring hero from my fortress.


I was able to get Sauron to spawn immediately from my base by changing the "type" of the object to "MordorSauron" in the Gollum spawn scripts but not from player 2's base (again because AI player 2 is treated differently)?


Is there a built in limit to how many rings/ring heroes can be present a time? Or a timer that restricts these units from being built at the beginning of a match?


Appreciate the help, thanks!



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Posted 07 June 2023 - 09:42 AM

Playertemplate ini 

add a line for the hero , like how a Builder is added 

you can do this per map ini also

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