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Red Alert 3 "Could not connect to Backend Server"

red alert 3 ra3 network connection

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#1 64m3r

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Posted 23 November 2023 - 03:46 AM

Okay so, I'm trying to play RA3 Online and when it tries to connect to GameSpy it gives me a "Cannot connect to Backend" error.
I bought the game on Steam, I have an EA account, I have a CnC Online account.

Steps to reproduce:
1) I Open CnC online and Launch RA3
2) I go to Versus > Online
3) I log in using my CnC Online account details (email,pass,ID)
4) Error.

What I've tried to fix it:
1) Added CnC Online to firewall
2) Added RA3 to firewall
3) Removed the "FirewallPortOverride = 16000" line from options.ini
4) Tried logging in with my EA account
5) Tried run as Admin
6) Disabled AV software
7) DMZ host is enabled on Router

Please advise.

#2 64m3r

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Posted 23 November 2023 - 12:44 PM

Okay I did some things and it works now. No idea what helped but here's a list.

1) In-game, I went to Settings > Network and made sure to set my IP to my 192.168.0.X and Port to 16000
In my router I opened port 16000 to TCP and UDP for that same 192 IP

2) I downloaded RA3QuickLoader_v0.91 from https://www.gamerepl..._-t1013524.html

3) Unhooked the game from CnC online. Start the game using CnC Online instead of Steam. Log in using your CnC Account.

PS: If you're having issues with VC Redist 2005 running every time, just Rename the folder inside RA3 from VC80_Redist to VC80_Redist_Old or whatever.

#3 P4iNTitBL4Ck

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Posted 25 March 2024 - 06:11 PM

OMG after so many hours it worked!!! just replaced the RA3.exe in the steam folder with the one from the link. Thank you so much my friend

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