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Log in? it's been years.. t3a SEE bfme2 mp

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Posted 24 January 2024 - 04:48 AM



I installed bfme2 with my old discs and a usb disc reader (lol)

I patched to 1.06


I got SEE mod working


I clicked get t3a online launcher link, browser said it was sus, then I remembered I might already have t3a launcher somewhere, found it on my external harddrive copied from old pc, it said its up to date,


Found I need to run t3a as admin,


Thing is,

I have no memory of this place


when it comes to, the logging in part once you get to multiplayer screen from main menu, what credentials are these? Ea? Revora? I'm so confused, lol. I have NO IDEA what I used to put in these fields. Lol. It's been years, I'm really having trouble remembering how these last couple of steps actually worked. 
I tried to look in my e-mail for clues of the account if it was the ea account register thing, and it seems like that ea site isn't even there anymore, from the link I clicked.

Also, having trouble even getting to that point with the mod. It seems there is a crucial step from my memory I am missing here. I think I may have gotten the t3a launcher to work with vanilla bfme2, as the first time launcher said unable to launch bfme2, I read somewhere to hook the game and then run it as admin, I did that and it seemed it may work since it didn't immediately kick me out of multiplayer log in screen,


but when I launch the SEE mod shortcut it gives me the error unable to establish a connection to the bfme2 servers, like the old school

There is something I am missing from my memory as to,


how to make t3a launcher load the MOD and not vanilla bfme2,


and perhaps more importantly, lol, what my log in credentials for this were. I reallyyyyy don't remember how that part worked/works. Like at all lol.

I seem to remember we did something with t3a, like the whole target path thing, to get it to where, we launched SEE mod and logged in with t3a and played it online, but I can't find it, I'm not remembering how we got it to work

Gracias in advance, a friend wanted to play so I got to work taking a look at setting all this up again


Update: I found my login credentials, lol nevermind about that part xD


SO all good logged into that now, it works with the vanilla shortcut


Now I just need to remember what the heck it was we did that allowed us to actually launch t3a online together with the special extended edition mod, I don't remember that final step we did to do that. Honestly the only way to play :)

It was the hooking thing I think lol I think i got it Lol

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