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Tutorial: making turrets aim correctly

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Posted 30 May 2024 - 05:24 AM

In the units epbs, under combat_ext>hardpoints>hardpoint_01>weapon_table>weapon_01


Origin is where projectiles spawn, muzzle modifies the turrets facing. x goes to models right, y goes up, and z moves it forwards.
Negative values move it the opposite direction. This in NOT the same way the coordinates work in 3ds max. It uses the marker coordinates from the object editor.
Origin and muzzle x and y values must be the same. Not doing so may cause the game to crash.

The origin z axis must be 1 less then the muzzle z axis.
When you change the muzzle and origin you must train a new unit for the changes to take effect. Existing units in a save game won't get the new values.

How to set up a turret that can't fire forward: (based on the relic chimera)
1. Set up horizontal aim animation normally.
2. Aim vertical animation is relative to the guns facing, so if gun aims left then aim vertical will start and end aiming to the right.
3. Aim vertical and horizontal modifiers are set normally, ie 50
4. Change the muzzle and origin coordinates in combat_ext to match the marker coordinates in OE

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