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#1 Daz


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 05:17 PM

Sick Of It All

I've slowly come to realise, the feelings are still there.
My love for her won't go away,
I'm sick of it all.

It keeps me awake, how do I stop myself thinking at night?
I know that there's no good answer, but still,
I'm sick of it all.

She don't think it's right, I know it's true.
There's no way she'll change her mind,
I'm sick of it all.

It's not my fault I fell in love, she's the one that tripped me.
It's hard to pick yourself back up,
I'm sick of it all.

Don't Want To Leave

The time is getting closer. We'll be put, all, to the test.
When our skills we have proven, friendships will be laid to rest.

Most will move away, further than others even know.
Some will stay, and try to hold on, to the place where they did grow.

I hope to keep in touch with them, both those who do and don't move away.
Those I lose i'll miss, why do we have to get older anyway?

I don't see the point, why do we all have to go?
I don't want to leave here, no no no.
No no.

#2 Detail


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 10:46 PM

First sounds more like a song and less like a poem.

Second reaches me. Alot of my mates have left the village and gone to the city :(

Did you write them?

#3 Daz


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 10:51 PM

Yes, I did.

#4 Detail


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 11:00 PM

My dylexia don't like me trying writing poems, it just comes out as storys.

#5 Natus


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Posted 16 March 2004 - 11:21 PM

I Look Into Your Eyes

I look into your eyes,
I see nothing but lies,
As i see my dreams roll by,
Slowly i begin to cry,

This pain i feel,
It stopped me dreaming,
Of a future that could of been mine,

I am lost once again,
Is this my end,
For now only fate is my friend,
From begining to end,

I knew right from the start,
When you stole my heart,
That my life be torn apart,
For this lonely hour feels like my last,
As i once more fail to see truth.


Life is ever blooming rose a man once said,
A truth lost on many,
For sometimes the thorns spurn the beauty.

Many strive in life for money,
For power,
Never finding what they really need,

Denial holds them to a sad fate,
A shame to say but true,
For sometimes beauty is hard to find.

Forgetting what we have is so simple,
For arrogance is a sad trait of being human,
But instead of becoming like the masses,
Look around for a minute,
Ignore the strife created by ourselves.

Breaking of a new dawn,
The feeling of someone’s embrace,
Beauty in smile of your lover,
A sky lit by the dying light of the evening sunset,
All so simple,
All so wonderful,
All yours.

Never forget that.


In this late hour,
Burning tears sear my cheeks,
As an old emotion wells within,
The turmoil of life taking a new toll on me.

My heart aches at the pain of my loved ones,
Yet I can offer no sustenance,
Only a facade of fake bravado and the pretence of strength,
In fear that allowing my feelings to be exposed would somehow weaken me.

My integrity now wanes,
For my heart now bleeds beads of pain,
The suffering of those close becoming unbearable,
For them and me.

Why is it good people suffer,
Has the omni potent caretaker forsaken our sad race,
Is this punishment for something perpetrated by us,
Or is this one of his ‘Mysterious Ways’ of saying were all condemned anyway.

If this is punishment on those I care for,
Release them and bear your wrath on me,
And I will face all the might you can muster,
For whatever pain you inflict upon me it pales in
comparison to the pain of watching those close suffer.

Author: Natus AKA Simon Antoni

These peices are for your critique, feelings for them, good bad, please say.
Natus 3.4

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